Location: Lake Cargelligo, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer, 1979

Witness: Mr. J. Basham



[Located 590 km west of Sydney via the Great Western and Mid Western Highways and 168 m above sea-level Lake Cargelligo, with a population of 1300, appears like an unexpected oasis on the flat western plains.]

"We were on a camping/fishing trip, setting lines and laying traps when a smell came through the air like rotten eggs. It was a terrible smell. Later that evening, we returned to the same spot to check the lines, and we noticed there was no smell at all. Even at the time we thought it strange because the smell was so intense before.

The other guys liked to hunt, but I didn't like guns so I refuse to carry one, and for that matter refused to be with them when they went hunting. During the day they had shot and killed a Mother Kangaroo with a Joey. They put the Joey in a Hessian bag and tied it up in a tree next to our camp.

Later that night when they left hunting, I remained back at the camp and went to bed. I was awoken by a loud crashing of a tree or branch down River, followed by very loud bipedal footsteps heading towards our camp. Whatever it was........ it was big......... and without doubt on two legs........

The Joey began making noises, and as this thing came closer, it began to mimic the sounds. As I lay huddled in the tent, it walked past me to the bag and began to pull on it. The whole tree was moving as it tried to take the bag and I could tell it was becoming frustrated because it let out a huge growl before leaving. I don't know what happened after that, but it sounded like it got into some huge animal fight not long after it left.

The next we were leaving and my Cousin took the boat to retrieve the lines. He came back shaking, trembling and white as a sheet. He was in a really bad state and very shaken up. While collecting our gear, he saw the creature. He said in the trees not far from the bank. It was massive, covered in black hair and a Human-like face and had prominent canine teeth.

I remember the incident well, but my Cousin still refuses to talk about it.  






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