Location: Ku-ring-gai National Park, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2010

Time: 3am




I was a security guard for a while in New South Wales 2010 onward.


A part of my duties was to lock up national park gates at night and collect the takings from the booths. I would then go to another location to guard for 8 hours or so and when finished come back and reopen them ready for the next day. I normally got to the park around 5am every morning.

This particular morning I snuck away from the other location early to open the gates as it was quiet and thought I could be sneaky and head straight home when I was finished and be early home for a change.

I was down at illawong Bay picnic area in the kuringai chase national Park at around 3am, which is right next to the massive Bay. It was a rather bright night (normally pitch black in there) as I could faintly see a large number of wallabies grazing in the picnic area. I stopped the car turned off the lights and thought I would have a cigarette and watch the wallabies that were about 50 meters away from me.


As I got down to the last half of the cigarette, while sitting on the bonnet of the car, my eye tracked to faint movement off to the side where there was a small number of trees and pitch black darkness... to be stunned to see 2 big bright eyes looking at me. I could slightly make out a huge body shape in a kind of prone position I was like WTF... I watched it for about 10 seconds then I threw my cigarette on the ground and put it out so it couldn't see the ember.


I then heard loud grunting noises that you kind of hear a large predator animal make. I started walking backwards to the car door as I opened it and jumped in I heard a loud roar and saw more movement. I turned the car lights on only to reveal a slight more structure to the prone beast, whatever it was.


It was big ... one more roar and I turned the car on and got the f++k out of there as quickly as possible.


I have thought about this encounter hundreds of times since that day. Everyone I bothered telling said I was tripping out in the dark, or mistaken or tired. But something was there....


Now thinking back, I probably did have some feeling of "don't get out of the car" or feelings of fear, but in that line of work you get these feelings all the time but you push them down cause you have a job to do and pushing those feelings aside becomes second nature.









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