Location: Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1999

Terrain: Bush




I went down to my friends house down the road to watch a few videos. After about 2 hours we went outside stargazing (we usually do this we sit outside watching the stars for a while). Down the end of my street is a bushy surrounding, we decided to walk down there for the thrill of trying to scare ourselves (we do this often as we had a fascination with doing this). We walked through a small portion of bush until we got to the tennis courts, we walked down the side of the tennis courts until we were just out of it's light and we came to a wooden bridge that we sometimes ride bikes across.

We crossed the bridge and decided to walk along one of our older more overgrown tracks. The track was dis-used and we got very scratched by lantana, we continued to walk until we found a totally un-expected clearing with a tiny shack to the left hand side, the ground was well used and slightly mis-shaped after rain, we kept stumbling in what may have been very large foot prints, it was too dark to tell and we weren't expecting large foot prints in the ground.

As an automatic reaction we both ran to the door and the first thing we noticed was a stench, it was definitely the worst smell we have ever smelt, our immediate thought was that it was a murderers hut or something but we still stayed in there. We were cautious for needles or anything of the sort. All the while we were whispering complaints about the stench, it smelt like something dead, mixed with an off eggy smell that would come from eggs well passed their used by date.

It was obvious that the shack was built by humans as there was graffiti on the walls that was too dark to read, but we were sure that the inhabitant of this hut was not a human. The stench of urine suggested that if a human was the inhabitant, that their hygiene levels were not satisfactory or even half satisfactory.

We noticed bones scattered along the ground what appeared to be 3 femia's and several smaller bones, there were 2 or 3 soccer balls or netballs, it was once again hard to tell in the dark, that all boar puncture marks or had been semi ripped apart, there were pieces of clothing of male and female appearance they were all dirty and didn't appear to be used as they were in a slight sink to the ground.

There were 2 pot plants that were dead, the wooden beams of the hut were all marked or scratched in one way or another, the door had obviously been placed by a person. We then ventured outside the shack to it's surroundings we were both slightly frightened and slowly left, on the way out we noticed several markings on trees and trees that had artificially been monouvoured into v and y shapes, we made our way to the track and stayed in hiding for a while whispering and discussing what it may have been.

Our whispering was cut short at the moment we heard a loud thumping on behind the track and the a loud rustling it came closer, but by the time we came to grips with ourselves it was too late to run, we saw them.

2 large hairy beasts, one about 6' the other approx 7 and a half' - 8' one was carrying what appeared to be a stick about the same length as a walking stick, we were frozen with fear, the larger one ducked his head and just walked into the door without pushing it open, the smaller one paused for a second or 2 and scouted the area and went inside.

Perhaps they knew we were in there and they were waiting for us to leave, we weren't going to hang around to find out, we turned and sprinted scratching almost every part of our bodies with lantana, we sprinted until we came to the bright light of the tennis courts again and we were lucky to have the rugby league fields opened for a veterans night game, we sprinted over there where the anonymous president gave us a lift home because he lives in the same street. It is blatantly obvious that some teenagers have built that hut and some yowies, big foots or whatever, you want to call them have taken it over, i just wonder if whoever built it has been back there and seen the yowies???

Since this ordeal we haven't returned due to fear and we don't want much to be said about it in fear of media attention. The yowies will be possibly chased away from too much attention that's why i'm telling expertise people as they may photograph, or possibly catch the yowie without losing it forever.







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