Location: Lawrence, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2017

Time: Day





We have moved to a rented home in Lawrence surrounded by paddocks, bush and cane fields.


Some of the things that has been happening we can’t put down to human activity. We are trying to get to the bottom of things. We don’t believe with the frequency of things going such as noises like wood banging, thumping, knocking, moving and lifting rocks around the house up to 25kg or so are human activity.


On one occasion we left to drive to Grafton the back way on the river side 2km away from home, and my daughter saw what she thought was a man collapsed or lying down between the sugar canes or sugar fields. It’s just wide enough to drive a car down. We turned the car around and went back and I saw what she was talking about. It looked like a man, all black and shiny, no neck, curled up, his feet were black and all the same tone right through, very broad shoulders.


When we turned the car around again he was gone. There was nowhere to go other than back into the sugar cane.


Then one night our house sensor light went off and my daughter looked out and saw someone or something crouching down by the paddock fence. She called for me to get a light and then saw it get up and run with the arms swinging. She said it was all black, no neck and big arms swinging. It was a similar profile to what we saw in the sugar cane.


I also saw from my office window, a black figure walk across the paddock. It lifted its legs really high as it walked and it looked big. I turned around for my binoculars and then looked back at it – and it was gone. It must have dropped to the ground or something? I don’t know where he went. He was at least 6ft tall, like a tall man but didn’t look like a man. It was all black.


We’ve lived here for 3 years now and there’s been times when we have heard roars. These roars are significant. Now I’ve never been a Yowie believer, but I am a believer that there is something out there that is unidentified. My family have always been bush people and I’ve always lived around the bush and I have never heard anything like this. It came from over near Woodford Island. The only thing I can compare it with is something like a dinosaur off a kid’s movie. Nobody has the lung capacity to make this type of roar. It did two types of roars. When it roared the horses took off, the birds took off and my dog ran behind my legs and was shaking. The noise was so loud and awful.


The dog refused to go outside at night. We couldn’t get him to go out. There was obviously some type of animal out there that was upsetting him.


We went searching on the internet on Sasquatch sites and found one sound on there that did sound a lot like what we have.


The last time we heard the roar was last month. We were sitting here on our veranda and we heard some wood knocking, then we heard the roar and then we were hearing wood breaking and wood knocking getting louder. Then to the side we heard two growls and decided it was time to go back into the house.


The property has rocks from 25 to 40kg and rock retaining walls with huge rocks. One morning I came out and a 30kg rock was moved. Came out another morning and there’s three rocks placed in a row in out yard – 10, 12 and 15kgs all lined up. We got up 5 weeks ago and there’s a rock moved 4 metres into the yard. It was clean lifted out of its place. A man here couldn’t lift it, he had to lever it back with a pole.


We have heard growls around the house. We’ve heard grunts around the house. We have been woken in the middle of the night by loud thumps on the side of the wall that shake the house and the bed we sleep in, and even the doors.


I am convinced something is going on here that is not human.







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