Location: Blackheath, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Encounter

Date: 2009



My 1st yowie sighting was when 1 was 12 yrs old. My brother was hosting a party/campout in a place near the Glenn Track at Blackheath, NSW. The campgrounds by the river were a popular spot and with us were people from nearby Blackheath.

On this occasion, late at night, all the adults had gone to sleep around the campfire. I lay awake watching the fire. I heard crunching through the bushes on the bank behind me. I turned my head back to see what it was, expecting a roo. Instead I saw a huge creature covered in fur. Maybe 7ft plus. I froze. I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing. The creature stood observing the sleeping bodies. Suddenly a motorbike could be heard approaching and the creature turned and ran back into the bush.


I knew what I had seen.

I didn't tell anyone till years later.

My 2nd sighting happened when I was 17, 50mtrs from the place I initially saw it. 30 of us were there to camp. All the boys left us 12 girls at camp while they went to get firewood. We sat chatting in a circle as dusk descended. One girl said "What's that?. We all turned to look and saw a big hairy thing standing watching us on the top of the bank. In the twilight it was hard to determine what it was.


Then the thing started to descend the bank slowly, toward us. We were watching it's every move. Then it dropped down on all fours, hiding in the undergrowth. As it crawled out and stood up, it then began to run at us. We all jumped into a vehicle and drove out to find the boys. They did a thorough search of the area on motorbikes and foot, to no avail. It was gone. I know what it was...again.

The 2 encounters I have listed are true and on the 2nd sighting, 12 of us saw it. There had always been a legend of a "June monster" in the area. A furry big thing that had attacked numerous local campers. I believe this creature/creatures have been around for a long time. I am 41 now. The legend is older than me. I have never camped, nor ever will again, in the Megalong valley.



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