Location: Blaxland, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: July to September 2013





I have only seen it a couple of times. Actually it was my brother who saw it first. We have a fire trial down the back of our property, and I was walking with my brother and my mother and we heard very loud thumping. I mean REALLY loud. Then we saw this thing bolting up the side of the hill.



Both myself and my brother saw it, however my mother was looking in the other direction.



It was huge. When I first sighted it, I thought I had seen a Gorilla. It would have been about 7ft tall, but it was running on all 4’s. It was on a slope heading upwards. There was a creek in the middle. He was on the other side and there is a really steep slope going up. A person couldn’t run up a slope like that, no way.

It was black. Short hair.

It was during the day around 4pm.

My brother Peter had seen it twice before, on different occasions, but that was the only time I had seen it.


One time, Peter could hear it following parallel. Then he came to a clearing and saw it. He said it was black, and had long arms down past the knees. He said it was big and a bit hunched over.



There was another time he was walking the dog down along our side track. He was sitting on a log and heard it running, then saw it running on all 4’s. The dog ran off because it was scared.


We found a lot of trees snapped in the area. Very thick ones.







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