Location: Nunderi. New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Nov 29, 2006



Well, I was at my friends house and my friends dog just went running to side perimeter of the paddock where we were sitting, and as we got up and looked, it got up from the ground it looked liked and bloody leaped over lantana bush and then ran never seen anything move like it in my life ever.


It was big, black and hairy. We were sitting on the veranda, there were four of us. Myself, my daughter, my friend and her daughter.

Because of all the strange happenings we had a guard dog. He took off up the fence. The first thing I said is he doesn’t normally do that. We all jumped up and looked over the gate. We saw this massive creature lunge over the lantana. This thing was massive and was covered in hair. It was double my height.


The size of this thing was huge. The thighs were massive - even its calves were huge.


The lantana was at least 5ft high and it went over it. The hair was dark, and long. It was bigger than a bear. Thick body.


This is not the 1st time she has had a visit from her fury friend.....we found what was left of a cows leg and there is not cattle round her. We have seen bare footprints. We have cleared bush round her house due to she was worried about her safety and she has had animals being let out and killed.

It has now moved closer to the house and followed one of her daughters through the bush whilst walking back from a friends.


I would appreciate any help or anything you may give us or even if you were able to come see for yourselves.


I worry because she's a single mum with 2 daughters and no one can see the back of her house from where she is.


We have smelt and it smells like its dead.


If you can help we would be greatly appreciative of it.


Thank You.


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