Location: Nowra, New South Wales

Event: Audible

Date: 1988/90


I currently live in Woolgoolga NSW mid north coast , when i was much younger I lived in the Sydney area, and at that time I was heavily into motocross bikes and regularly used to travel down to the South Coast being the Nowra Bike Farm just South of Nowra, mostly on weekends to ride. Often I would camp over night as the farm had an excellent camp ground and associated facilities to say the least the location was isolated and at that time was not overly patronised.

On the particular time in question I was camping with my younger nephew whom was also into the motocross scene , we arrived late on a Friday evening after a 2 hr drive after work and promptly set up our version of a camp. We cooked our meal consisting of sausages and eggs and other associated camp tucker and I am now sure that those smells would have certainly wafted of into the surrounding bush land, attracting an array of critters.

Once we cleaned up we settled down for the night into our tent and spoke about the next day of riding with much anticipation, after about 1/2 an hour we heard within close proximity an unhuman like scream, but to allay my nephews fears I simply put it down to the local Koala population and at that time I did not know if there were any in the area. But it soon started again and seemed to be a lot closer this time , this was soon followed by the sound of heavy footsteps which appeared to be irrational as there was no one else in the camp ground at the time and the owners were away in Nowra for the evening approximately 20kms away .

I got out of the tent to investigate but seen nothing so out of a growing fear returned to my sleeping bag and told my young charge of the situation. We both pulled the covers up high and tried to ignore the chorus emanating from the surrounding bush, it seemed as though what ever made the noise was fairly cranky that we were in its zone and was doing its best to scare us of and let me tell you it was working, however we persisted and finally went to sleep.

The next morning we awoke to cook a breakfast but upon inspection of the esky we noticed that it had been aggressively raided and our bacon , eggs and hard cheese were all missing. On a lighter side at least it didn't steal my beverage supply, anyway that day we only had a short ride and packed up and left early from what was to be a 3 day break and returned home to Sydney to catch up on lost sleep.

After discovering your site and educating myself from many of your contributors recollections I feel that what we heard was definitely a Yowie, I also think that the location of the camp ground was placed directly in its normal mid week path and this fact really urked off the beast they must be very territorial of their immediate vicinity.

I have since learnt of others experiences in the close area to where I currently live and surrounds and I take these accounts seriously indeed as the local country would be ideally suited to a yowies existence.








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