Location: Pilliga, New South Wales

Event: Truck Attack

Date: 1979




Constable Warren of the Coonabarabran Police stated in the Queensland times that Truck drivers had erected signs that say "Beware of Yowies, next 121km" along the Newel Hwy in the well known Yowie hot spot of the Pilliga Scrub.

He says "Its really quite amazing. One Victorian driver returning from Queensland drove more than 50km the night with two blown tyres because he was too scared to stop on the road. The driver said he was not going to take any chances.

He continued to say that, "One bloke was asleep in the cabin when he heard this thump, thump, thump.

He said he was too frightened to investigate and drove his truck to Narrabri. When he got there he found two running boards had been pulled off his truck. Another said that he felt his tarpaulin being shifted while parked one night.

He said it was dead calm and when he got up the courage to investigate, he found that one side had been pulled down about 10 feet.

One thing is for sure, none of the truckies dared to block the Newel in the Pilliga country during the recent truckies blockades."

Truckies have also reported to have found numerous footprints along the side of the Highway through the Pilliga which added to their concerns.

Over the years, many people had witnessed Yowies in the dead of the night on the road side, one man and his friend found one eating a fresh road kill as they drove passed.






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