Location: Watagans, New South Wales

Event: Sighting

Date: Nov 2003

Time: 3:45



The Watigans is in the Hunter Valley that start about 5km out of town, I guess we were a fair way out when we saw it. We were climbing one of the ridges out to an abandoned logging camp about 15km off the main trail.

There are a few old logging camps around so we follow the old trails; there is lots of bracken on the ground. There are ridges pointing out everywhere heavily forested ones i would doubt anyone's ever been on some of them.

The ridges are real steep and hard to get up. I suppose you could call it pretty rocky ground with lots of drop off and dead-end trails. There are a few wild goats out that way if that helps.

It was raining and myself and a friend (who wishes to remain anon) were 4wd'ing in the Watigans. I saw something just off the trail, out of curiosity I asked my friend if he had seen anything and he said he saw it also.

We just left it being a kangaroo or something, but when I saw it again at 45m, I got a good look this time. At first I thought it was a feral pig but then it got up on two legs and ran.

We stopped the Hilux and watched as it disappeared off into the bush. It ran really funny bow legged like it just got off a horse, it was about 4 foot tall with a stooped head and long arms. It was covered in clumps of hair along its back. It ran across fallen trees like they weren't there.

After that we just looked at each other and drove off real fast.







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