Location: Watagans, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Encounter

Date: 2004

Time: 11pm





Hi Dean,

Several friend and I broke down while heading for the pines camping ground up in the Watigan Mountains back in early 2004.

We decided to walk approximately 15 kilometers down to the main road to use the public phone that was there at the time.

Growing up in the bush in Queensland, I have encountered just about every animal found in scrub day or night, and have become quite skilled at identifying them by the sound of their movements.


Following our group that night through the bush was an animal on two legs, walking
in a human like stepping motion, however judging from the volume produced, was without doubt much heavier than even a large man.

It followed us all the way down until about 3 kilometers before the tar road leading back to main road.

As it had not caused us any harm, we were all more curious than scared I was the whole time waiting for someone playing silly buggers to jump out and scare the crap out of us, but it just stopped, and our concentration returned to the phone and the vehicle.

We did contact help, but it wasn't coming till after day light so we headed back up on foot to the Nissan patrol we were driving at around 1:30am. Several kilometers into our return walk it started again, this time making more noise, and seeming somehow unimpressed we were heading back up the mountain.

Five or so kilometers later it took off through the bush away from us in a high speed taking out branches and fallen limbs as it went.

Once we returned to the patrol we set up tents and prepared for sleep.

Then we heard a huge bang, nearly as loud as a gunshot, we all bolted for the car in a frenzy of darkness locking doors on arrival. The roof was partially caved in and was obviously involved in the noise.

My family have been pioneering in QLD since before there was law up there, and I have been told stories by my grandfather of 7ft tall hairy men who live in isolated bush lands, and are intelligent.

Until that night I was a doubter, and even though I didn't actually see more than at best a large vertical shape through the darkness, I know in my heart it was a Yowie.











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