Location: Woodenbong, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1980's

Terrain: Semi residential.



A Woodenbong Woman reported seeing two Yowies that had also been seen by several people in the past weeks, outside her house.

Mrs. "C", said that the two creatures she saw in her yard late at night were covered in tan coloured hair and standing about 5ft tall.

 Mrs 'C' said that she had gone into her kitchen at about 1am because she couldn't sleep, and was looking out at the moonlight view, when the creatures walked onto her lawn from the neighbouring vacant lot.

 Mrs. 'C' says, " The funny thing about it was the hair on the arms was about 6 inches longer than the shorter hair on the rest of their bodies.

Their heads seemed to be sunk low into their shoulders, but I couldn't see the facial features properly because the heads were just dark outlines." Mrs 'C' said she was standing from only ten feet away from the first Yowie, which she saw from her kitchen window.

"I was much too close to the creature for me to have mistaken it for anything else. It just isn't possible for me to compare them with any other animal. One of them was flexing his arms in a circular motion in front of its face - first one, then the other.

The other one was under our bedroom window", she said.

 The description matched a creature that two men had struggled with near Kempsey recently, apparently that creature had disturbed the two men from their sleep and then wrestled them.








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