Location: Yarrangobilly, New South Wales

Event: Audible

Date: 1979

Terrain: Thick Bush


A large group of people were camping on a hillside beside a large open creek flat. Very late one night (or early one morning), extremely powerful bellowing / wailing was heard by a friend and I (we were awoken from our sleep).

The sound seemed to come from the next valley, as it was clearly very loud but reasonably distant (perhaps 1 km away).

The sound could be described as a screaming / bellowing noise that reverberated clearly. It was not dingoes, as they had visited the creek earlier that night and have a distinctly different howl. The sound was not koalas.

I have heard these before and it was far too loud and powerful to be koalas. There are NO people in this area, anyway the sound was NOT human, and if it was, you would wonder why anyone would be out in the freezing cold at 3 am, 50 km from the closest town, bellowing!

The sound was quite terrifying and heard by at least two people ( a friend and I). We lay, not moving, in out tent. It was frightening and very real.

The sound grew a little louder, then after a few minutes, quieter. Then it stopped and was not heard again. We didn't mention it in the morning for fear of ridicule.

I have since revisited this place (Easter 1995) and neither heard nor saw anything. Making more accurate observations on the second visit, the sound appeared to emanate from west of Michelago Peak. In all directions from Michelago Peak is very rough, bush covered terrain with very few tracks at all.

It is uninhabited by humans.









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