Location: Yowrie, New South Wales
Event: Yowie Encounter
Date: Feb/March 2000


Hi Dean, the time of day would have been mid afternoon, sunny, clear skies around Feb. or March. The year was about 2000. I was returning from a bush walk and had just got back onto a wombat trail I had started my walk from, I was looking at the ground (the trail)and as I lifted my gaze to peer along the trail, coming towards me was the yowie.
It was also looking down at the trail. I thought it was possibly smelling my scent or seeing my prints, it was perhaps 30 metres away. I saw it before it saw me. As it lifted its head it saw me and quickly ran towards a tree about 5 metres closer to my left of the track. I observed it to be approx. 6 feet in height, its face was ape like, no neck, strong, solid build with long matted dark grey/brown fur.
It stood behind the tree trunk which hid its body entirely. I had stopped walking waiting to see what it would do as I knew what I was going to do...run as fast as I could in the opposite direction. It peered round the tree trunk.

I saw no aggression... it seemed intrigued,  as nervous of me as I was of it. It then took off to the left of me on a downward slope to the river. It was incredibly fast.

I stood there amazed, stunned for about 10 seconds then turned tail and ran but after about 100 metres I realised it was not chasing me. I was excited I had finally seen one as I was aware of their presence on earlier occasions.
There was another sighting of a yowie in our vegetable garden in July 1997. A friend of my daughters went outside our house just on dawn to get more firewood. He came running in screaming.

He said that there was a yowie in the garden and when it saw him it jumped the fence and ran into a stand of trees behind our house. He described it as a hairy man about 5 feet 6 inches tall, medium build, not sure of its fur colour. This person was hysterical and said he would never come to our house again because of this sighting.
Dean if you have any more questions please ask.
Thank You
L*** G*****


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