Location: Hannam Vale, New South Wales


Event: Yowie Sighting


Date: Autumn or Spring 2000

Witness: Sheryl





The area didn’t have a welcome feeling. It was quite ‘unsettling’.


We used to go there to take the kids for a swim. There is a water hole there and water fall.


This particular morning I had taken the kids to School. I was driving along Hannam Vale Road and I looked up to my right into a paddock that had a steep incline and I could see the trees moving, but there was no breeze.


I looked up and I looked again. I saw what looked like a really large bloke, but he had no waist. It was a tan colour with hair.


The reason the trees were moving was because he was pushing past them. They were very solid trees.


It was only 20m away from me. I stopped and reversed back to get a better view and saw it walking away back into the scrub. It was easily over 8ft tall. He was huge.

It was built like a tank.


Similar to a Gorilla. Covered in hair, a tanny red colour. The arms were really long. It was reaching with its right arm into the trees. It walked like it didn’t have a worry.


The head was small in comparison to the body and it had no neck and was muscular.





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