Location: Alstonville, New South Wales (McGuire’s Creek)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1997




Hi Dean,


I was fishing with my partner at the time when we made our way through the dense riparian zone to our secluded fishing spot when an animal that looked like a cross between a wombat and a pig scurried along in front of us and disappeared into the weed thicket thinking. That was a little strange, but we carried on to the creek bed that was rocky and had several Platypus active at the time.


We started fishing and there was a crashing sound of something large breaking twigs and heading for us through the weed thicket. 

I advised my partner to jump in the water if a pig came crashing through, but the noise stopped about 10 - 20 ft away the creek edge. 

It was hidden in the lantana thicket but I could see brown fur with a definite reddish tinge, and what I believe to be the chest area. I could not make out the face, but the eyes were diamond shaped and like looking into mirrors. I would say the creature was about 6 1/2 - 7 1/2 ft tall as I was looking up when I saw the mirror like eyes (I am about 5' 11''). The chest area where I saw the reddish fur and it seemed quite broad, as it was tall. The shaggy hair was similar to a goats (matted and discoloured).

I felt fear, not that I was in danger but just not to approach the creature after about ten seconds of being semi frozen, with my partner getting a little worried.

Then it disappeared with little noise.


Other Observations: Other people in Alstonville also described the red tinge on the chest as well as there being several volcanic cave systems in the area that may act as a sanctuary for these creatures. 


If I had a gun would I have shot it? I think not as I believe the fear I felt was some kind of low level telepathy that installs fear, and clouds the creatures face, as the face was sort of in view but all I could make out were these mirrors?












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