Location: Mt. Kembla, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: July 27th, 2012

Time: 12.30am



I have been doing some research on a bizarre experience I had last night, and came across this website. Last night I was at the Mt Kembla lookout, that over looks Lake Illawarra. I had been there, sitting in my car for about 15 minutes, and heard some rather large sticks being broken in the distance, like something was walking through the forest.

Initially I wrote it of as a deer, or perhaps a wallaby moving through the undergrowth- there is allot of wildlife there. Roughly about 10 minutes after that I heard what sounded to be a rather large stomp, then after that was dead silence, again I went about my business and ignored it. Some minutes after that I heard it again, it sounded closer and heavier.

I thought to myself what the f*** is that, and grabbed the LED rescue torch that I have in my glove box. I hopped out of my car, shone the torch around to try and see the cause of the noise.

Just as I was about to climb back in the car I felt an eerie feeling as if I was being watched, and heard some rustling in the tree line behind me, so I turned around and shone the torch in that general direction and caught a quick glimpse of a rather large bipedal shape moving quickly back into the trees.

I paused for a moment trying to make sense of what I had just seen, and I kept the torch pointed in that general direction hoping to see what it was- but didn't see anything except the movement of the branches were it entered the tree line. As soon as that happened I jumped back into the car and took off out of there.

The shape looked like it was a large person, kind of hunched over. In terms of height I would estimate easily 2 meters tall. A distinctive feature was when it was moving I noticed it had a  very long arm, particularly in the way it's arm swang back. Again very similar to a person but not quite the same. It had a strange gait in its moments.

I am baffled by what I have seen, and I have spoken to some friends about it this morning, who have told me they have had some strange experiences at that location. I want to find out more about what I have heard and seen, are you able to shed any light on the matter? I will be going back to that spot at the same time in coming days to see it again. I hope to hear from you soon.









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