Location: Bexhill, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 27th April, 2013

Time: 12am (Full Moon – Good Vision)



Scott had only just turned left off Eltham Road, and was driving along Bangalow Road his girlfriend in the front and two friends in the back seat of their car.


“We had turned left onto Bangalow Road with the high beams on. We were going slow and starting to pick up a little bit of speed where the road starts to sweep, and about 100 – 300m in front of me I saw something come over the side of the road, and move along the edge of the road in front of me in my high beams.

It came from the left hand side of the road, over the fence line, and then onto the road side. It was definitely upright. Bit of a stoop, but with the shoulders upright. It went along the side of the road, then ran across the road with its arm up, like it was blocking the light from my high beam. 


From the height and size, it wasn’t Human.


I’m 6ft, and it looked taller than me, and wider. It was sort of running, but different because it was stooped, and it’s head was shrunken into it’s shoulders? You couldn’t see its neck. I don’t know is that’s because its arm and shoulder was up. But it was just stooped and very fast.

It didn’t look like a Human at a fast pace. But it was leaning forward, like, bent over kind of stooped.

It was definitely solid. Fatish. Its arms looked a little longer than ours. It would have had a longer reach. It was at least 6 & 1/2ft tall.

My girlfriend in the front saw it, but the guys in the back didn’t. 








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