Location: Bexhill, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date of Sighting: 1973





Myself and friends were camping at Bexhill. We were in a tent, with a canopy undone all the way around so it was a pretty good view.


I can’t remember who saw it first, but basically it was just standing there about 20 to 30m out the front of the tent in an opening on sort of a game trial type of thing.


It was twilight but the moonlight was behind it. It was facing us but we couldn’t make out any distinct facial features. We could see the matted type hair over it.


It was bigger than a man. I’m 6’3” and it was bigger than me. If you look at a door frame, it shoulders were just big enough to fit through and it would have been a foot too tall to fit under, so it would have been close to 7 or 8ft tall.


Its arms were hanging down alongside its body. I could see its arms and hands clearly. It’s arms were longer than a persons. It had very thick matted hair.


The head didn’t appear to have any neck, more like just sitting on its shoulders. The head was robustly built and a little bit pointed on top.


There was just silence, we were dumbfounded and frozen more or less.



Then it started walking towards us on an angle because that was the way the game trial went and it went up the side of the tent and out of view into the bush.


One of the guys picked up a shotgun and let off a round. I doubt he would have hit anything, but it would have startled it.



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