Location: Wingello, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 19th of November 2013

Witness: Kay



One of my close friends saw the same thing at Canyonleigh about 6 months before my sighting.


I was coming home from Moss Vale at around 10pm at night. I had just turned down the headlights because a car was coming the other way, and I then saw this thing on the side of the road. It was facing the other way, so I didn’t see its face, but it was about 6ft tall, at least.


It was very, not very long fur though, it was a dark colour. It was standing there and then sneaked in behind the trees. On one side of the road is forest and on the other side is open paddocks with a line off trees only 3 metres from the road. That was the side it was on.

It would have been about 5m away from my car, maybe? I would have been doing about 90km at the time. It would have been better if I had my high beams on, but I could definitely still see it. As I was coming down the road, it was facing towards the paddock. I saw it from about its waste up to the top of its head.


There was about 2m of grass before the line of trees. It was in front of the trees and then walked behind the trees.

It was at least 6ft tall, it was black or dark brown hair from its head down to its waste perhaps about 10cm long.



But what stood out was that it was really skinny. Have you ever seen Harry Potter? It looked like this Wolf thing that turns into a Human. It was like that, really dangly. Like, it’s should blades stuck out as it was walking into the trees. It sort of sneaked into the shadows which I thought was really weird. It wasn’t startled like it was trying to get away, it just slinked into the shadows like it didn’t want to be noticed.

It was a really dark brown, if not black. The hair wasn’t curly or dreaded or anything like that, it was smooth but a little roughed up, but definitely not dreaded.



It was tall. I would say it would have weighed about 100kg, but it wasn’t fat or anything like that. It was more tall than stocky. It had long arms, but I didn’t see its hands.


I was so scared. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life. Then I looked back and thought I should have stopped, but I was petrified. My mouth literally dropped open – and that’s never happened before.


I didn’t know what to think. Then I thought of my friend who saw one at Canyonleigh, and thought, oh my God, that’s it. He saw it at about 6.30 in the morning as he was going back to Moss Vale from Canyonleigh. That was about 6 months before what happened to me. He was living on a dirt road about 3kms into Canyonleigh and he saw it on his way to work one morning. He saw it on the side of the road as it was coming out, so he got a pretty good view of it. Then as he came close to it, it ran into a paddock.


When I saw the one on the side of the road, I immediately thought Yowie because of what he saw. And he doesn’t live far from where I am.



I was petrified.


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