Location: Wiangaree

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1998

Time: Afternoon

[Brother of the 1972 Mount Lindesay Witness. Interviewed in his Retirement home]




I had just come around a left hand bend, with a Dairy on the right side. There was a Yowie on the side of the road waving at a Yowie on the other side. I went passed, looked into the rear vision mirror and saw one crossing the road behind me.


This was just above Wiangaree and I was heading down from Queensland to see my mother in Casino.


I came around this big bend and here’s thing big hairy creature standing on the side of the road telling a mate to come down a bank on the other side. When I went passed it, it was right beside the car. It was between 6 and 7ft tall with thick grey hair. It looked like a bear standing on two legs. It had a snout like a bear and legs like a bear but was standing upright.


The one that crossed the road behind me was big and had a tanned colour. I think one was calling the other over. I was going to call into the Dairy on the way back the next day to see if he lost any cows, but I never got around to it.


The first one I saw was on the right hand side heading down towards Kyogle. It was waving towards himself like asking the other to come.


That’s all I saw.







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