Location: White Swamp (Near Koreelah State Forest), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Summer, 2001




 I’ve always been a bit of a mocker towards people who say they have seen things. I’ve spent years out there shooting and never seen anything like this before.


My experience is probably nothing compared to what you guys have seen and done.


We had a house on a 300 acre property, and about 150 metres from the forest in open cattle country.


Myself and my wife had been to the top shed and were walking back down to the house. I looked to see every cow just standing there staring up at the hill. I said Look at this, they’re checking out something on the hill. Then all of a sudden my dog, which is usually a pretty switched on dog, walked out in front of me with her tail between her legs.


I looked up at the hill and heard two loud rocks crash. I said to my wife, theres somebody up there. It was like someone was up there watching the house. Then as we’re nearly back to the house, here is this thing walking out along the paddock. I had a pretty good view.


It’s was on all fours and its ass would have up to about my belly button. I said that looks like a brown bear. So I grabbed my gear as quick as I could and took off after it. I was tracking it up through the hills towards the top. I realised it was smart because it must have known I was tracking it and it started to use the rocks to walk on instead of the track.


We got to one point where my horse didn’t want to go further, started snorting and carrying on. He wouldn’t go any further. And my dog wouldn’t come up. She stayed behind. I tied the horse up because it basically said, Nup, I’m not going, so I walked in there on my own.

I really wanted to get a good look at this thing. I knew he was right here somewhere. I wanted just a glimpse.


But I never saw it again……


They day before, I found a possum. It had been killed that night. It was just a pile of fur, and a tail. My dog was the leash that night, so it wasn’t him and if other dogs were in the yard, he would have let us know about them.


I also had a big Hereford come down on the same track as the bear looking thing. I stood there waiting for it to reach the same spot so I could gauge the size of that thing. It worked out to be about the same size as the Bull. I saw the same amount of the Hereford, as the thing as it walked through there. If it had of stood up, it would have come to the 10 or 11ft mark.


I went to the internet to look at black bears walking on all fours. Completely different….. And the bears had fur. This thing didn’t have fur, it had hair. That’s what convinced me then that what I saw wasn’t a black bear.


I don’t think he knew I spotted him. Not until I chased him.


Another thing I noticed was the shoulder blades. He had really pronounced shoulders that stuck up in the air as he was walking along.


I still go out looking for it. I’m convinced it’s not a bear. I’m convinced it’s an Australian Yowie. Just wish I’d run into the house and really quickly grabbed a camera.





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