Location: Cessnock, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Feb 2nd, 2014

Time: 8pm




Lived at the property for 14 years – Nothing odd had happened in the past. Property has several paddocks with Horses backing onto vast Forest.

At 8pm the couple went to feed the horses. One female horse began to act up, kicking, snorting and bucking. Behaviour unaccustomed to the normal personality. All horse now seem to become erratic.  

A larger male horse began to run around a paddock, a further female horse acted aggressively and another horse became sheepish.

The couple notices a figure pop up near the large horse in the back paddock and walk towards it. The normally docile horse rears at the figure. The figure is seen reaching at the horse.

They estimate the creature/figure is at least 8ft tall. The height of the horses head is 7ft, and the creature stood well above the horses head.

The couple walk to the fence line and call out. The figure runs and the statement is ‘It was so fast. It looked like it was floating’ (also reference Mooney Mooney, NSW in our Data Base), as it walked around a Dam, stepped OVER a fence and into the forest.

It was dark and hairy. The hair was thick and shaggy.

The Mother of the couple also witnessed it. One of the main aspects that stood out to all was how fast it moved. Again, so quick it was like it was floating.

It was solid, but not as you would imagine a Gorilla.


-       The Mother steps in during the interview and claims it was wearing clothes, has dark skin like an Aboriginal. She says he must have hit the normally docile horse to make it rear. All horses were spooked.

-       Despite being certain that it had a shirt and pants, she also claims its height to be 8 feet tall and certainly taller than the horse.

-       She also said it had matted wiry hair.

-       The motion of it was strange. It seemed to be in slow motion, but covered a lot of ground very quickly.

-       Mother is Scottish and says she doesn’t know what a Yowie looks like.




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