Location: Kowmung River, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: June, 1989

Time: 2.30pm


*Paraphrased from our Interview*



We were going Trout Fishing along the Kowmung near the Junction of the Cox’s Rivers.


It took 6 ½ hours to get there – half mountain bike riding and half walking. It’s very remote. No phone service. Basically bare wilderness.


We got there at 2.20pm, pitched tents and did some fishing.



Before dark we gathered fire wood. On the other side of the river is what I thought was a “Hairy Man”. His was so hairy, his hair went all the way to his eye sockets. He was so hairy, you couldn’t tell the colour of his skin.

The only distinct feature you could see was the hair on his head was different to that of his body. The hair on his body would have been 5 to 6cm long, and it was dead straight, and the hair on his head, face and beard was very matted.


It was a very steep bank. The water was about 4ft deep where he had his foot in. The rocks were about 3 – 4ft on a steep angle and he was reached over having a drink – cupping one hand.

The river was only about 14m wide there, strong current but only 4 – 5ft deep, but at places you could rock hop to get across. We went towards him and started to cross to see him close up.


One thing we noticed other than being very hairy, was when he stood up he was very tall. 6ft 6 or 6ft 7….


Another thing I noticed was that he had no hair on the soles of his feet when he took off. He saw us, turned, stood up and took off through the bush. It was the tick prickly Australian bush that you cut yourself on when you go through.



It was very steep - It would have taken an hour and a half for us to hike down and he ran straight up.


We couldn’t keep up.



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