Location: Stannifer, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2013

Time: 4.30pm

*Paraphrased from original Recording*



Myself and a friend were fossicking for crystals. It would have been around 4.30pm.


We saw it on the road after we left and when we got too close, it took off. We were in my friend’s Hilux.


Before we left we were fossicking away from the vehicle, about 150m away. We could smell an electrical smell. And dead animal smell. This was back around 2 – 4pm. I’ve never smelt this before. (Bakelite). And a Wet dog type of smell. It was very strong. This went on for 15 – 20 minutes. We didn’t think too much of it, just kept on digging until we decided to head on home.


We had heard some noises, things run through the bush, had a look and nothing there. Thought it may have been a pig or a kangaroo or something, you know….


Then we got out on the road to head home, that’s when we saw this thing. It was about 2 – 400m from where we were digging.


We were driving along, just average speed and we saw this thing just standing on the side of the road. We slowed down to take a better look and then we saw it running through the bush. It was fast, very very hairy, saw the face and it too big to be Human.


We first saw it at 100m, right on the left hand side of the road….

It would have been 7 to 7’6” tall.


It was looking around at first, then looked at the car and took off back into the scrub. We saw it for 15 seconds before it took off. It was a good view.

We could see the arms and legs. It was brownish/reddish. Darkish down lower and reddish towards the face. Hair was 2 – 3” long. Face was close to Ape’ish, and the hair was everywhere like a Gorilla.


It was solid. It was big. It ran like a person, but extraordinarily fast. I couldn’t run that fast without falling over.


The scrub was pretty open, so we could see it running.


After that, we decided not to go back.


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