Location: Stanwell Tops NSW

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April 2008





Hi Dean,


I am a teacher at High School in Sydney.  I am going to recount a story told to me by a year 12 students which was verified by his mother, who also works at the school, who was with him at the time.
The account happened at Stanwell Tops, close to the swamp.  The mother was picking up her son and also had her daughter in the car at 10.30 at night in winter.  There were some deer and then they saw a creature chasing a small deer which it had separated from the rest. 


The creature was running like a primate, placing its two front feet down first and then following through with its hind feet.  It was described as a grey/fawn colour with long curly type fur. It was running as fast as the car.

All three in the car saw it and none could describe what they thought it was.  This occurred approximately 2 years ago.  The reason I bring it up now is that we happened to discuss it again yesterday and then I thought I would do a little research.
At the time I discussed it with other teachers and then our teacher who takes the hikes out in the blue mountain area recounted this story.


On a walk they had fished and they had all this fish they were going to walk out the next day, there were about 50 fish, they had no ice so they kept the fish alive with string through their gills and made a trap out of big heavy river stones, then finally a rope was tied to the bottom of a tree which secured everything in place. 

During the night they heard this almighty growling and the rocks being flailed about in the river and the tree snapping.


All the fish were taken along with the rope, a single person would not have been able to lift the fish.  When investigating they saw huge cat like paws marks..  






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