Location: Mulgoa, New South Wales (The Rock Lookout)


Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1994

Time: 3pm



My friend and I had been for a bushwalk at The Rock Lookout in Mulgoa NSW.



We were driving out on the single, dirt track when a monstrous, black, upright creature appeared on the track up ahead. It had no definite form, no neck, was upright and easily 10 feet tall and took up the width of the track. (and that was looking at it from a distance!)

I braked urgently, my friend and I looked at each other speechless, then screamed and wound our windows up. We drove forward slowly, cautiously looking for it but it had disappeared. Unfortunately this was before camera phones but I have never forgotten, and never will, the bizarre experience.


It was huge and didn’t have a neck.


We were driving along and it was just suddenly there. We were pretty scared. It was huge. We screamed, stopped and put our windows up.


It was kind of bizarre because by the time we looked back up at it, it had vanished. For something that big to disappear is strange.








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