Location: Mulgoa, New South Wales


Event: Audible


Date: March 3, 2003







Here is a report of what we discussed on the telephone on Mon.


We drove out to Nepean River Lookout at Mulgoa N.S.W to test some lighting equipment. We arrived at the Lookout about 2250HRS, on arrival at the site I had a look around the general area for anybody else in the area.


The only wildlife I saw was a Tawny Frog Mouth Owl in a tree near our vehicle. We started to unpack the equipment and check it out, this we did for about 15Min. We secured the vehicle and the made our way off to the Lookout escarpment on the way down the track we were checking out the effectiveness of the L.E.D. Lights for night walking. I noticed that  there was good plant regrowth since the Bushfires. We walked about 400 - 500M down the track and went off track about 20m to the escarpment.


When we got there we noticed some fog in the valley over the river which is about 100-200Ft below I shone the spot light directly below our position. Visibility was good about half way down but it isn`t straight down there are rocks and trees as well. I paned the spotlight over the water but because of the fog visibility was limited, further out the light could reach the other side near the waters edge.


We must have  been there for about 10Min when I heard something large/heavy walking below our position. I asked my mate if he heard it to which he replied yes, I shone the

spotlight down to see what or who it was but due to the conditions we couldn’t see anything.


We stayed there for about another 5Min and then we moved back onto the track heading towards the vehicle. My mate said he wanted to check another part of the escarpment which is a purpose built Lookout. It is about halfway from our last position. When we got there my mate was panning around with the spotlight for a couple of minutes and I said to him to turn it off and let our eyes adjust and look at the stars and surrounding area.


The light must have been off for a couple of minutes when we herd aloud screeching sound coming from what sounded like our last position. We both looked at each other with the same question "What the hell was that?" my mates first instinct was to turn on the spotlight in that area but due to conditions you can`t see much. As he was shinning the spotlight around we heard the screeching again but closer.


I told him to turn of the light and listen. Again there was screeching but more frequent . We decided to head back to the vehicle on the way back there was no sounds. We got the gear stowed but no sooner had I closed the hatch there was another screech. We got in the vehicle and heard it again but this time it sounded like it was on the track. At that point we decided to drive off home.


Sorry if it sounds different from our phone conversation as I phoned my mate about our phone call and asked him is there anything he noticed that I didn`t or I have forgotten.



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