Location: Mt Keira, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date of Sighting: 09-10-2015





Details of Sighting: Mount Keira Road in the western suburbs of Wollongong snakes its way up the escarpment through very dense bushland. It has a very low traffic volume and it makes a challenging and very popular ride for cyclists. This is what I was doing when this sighting occurred.

Three quarters of the way up Mt Keira Rd there is a section of new road work that has a couple of bends. At the time there was two riders in front of me going in the same direction at about 100m and nobody behind me.

The time was between 6:20 and 6:30am and it was light and clear sky with good visibility. Reaching the last bend of the new road work, i was passed by between 10 and 20 riders in a group heading downhill doing about 50 to 60km/h.

Continuing around the bend and on to the next short straight, something made me look behind me. Now i don't Know what it was that made me look back , but i did, and that's when I saw it disappearing behind the Armaco road barrier and down the side of the mountain.

It was walking upright and the part of its body that visible was its head and shoulders down to about half way down its back. It was facing away from me looking downhill, so there was no facial features visible. The hair was very shaggy and a colour that was reddy brown. The distance that I saw it at was about 30m and it was kind of in a hurry. The size of the animal was huge, it had massive shoulders with a head that was in proportion to its size. It seems to me that this animal was waiting in the bush for a time when it couldn't hear or see anything coming so it could cross the road.

As you can imagine, I made it up the rest of the mountain in pretty quick time. After a very short stop at the top I nervously made my way down the mountain, not stopping at all and keeping my eyes wide open. Nothing was seen on the way down, not that I was looking for the creature, I was trying to stay alive.

I've thought about this a lot since it happened and cannot think of any other creature that it could be. I've been into hunting for many years and i am very familiar with the animals in this part of the country and nothing i can think of comes close to what I saw in size and colour and walks upright. The largest animals around these parts are Rusa Deer which are a dark beige brown and in prolific numbers.

I drove up to the spot this morning to take some pictures which I've added and I was surprised at how steep the mountain is in this part. About five metres down the hill from the barrier is a very narrow game trail which i thought was very interesting but beyond that is dense bush.

Up until now I’ve only told my wife and two close friends, one of whose back fence backs onto the escarpment at Mt Keira..........

I've been a member of the forum for a few years now and know of the yowie activity that has been reported in this area but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would ever get a sighting of one of these creatures.

I would like to thank Dean and the guys for creating this awesome site so people can report their experiences and sightings without the fear of being ridiculed......







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