Location: Medowie, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1999

Time: Day

Witness: P.F.



I used to do a lot of hunting at the back of my property, and remember a lot of weird things happening to my traps and I never knew what it was. I would find them twisted up and pegs ripped out of the ground.


Myself and my Sister were going hunting with riffles and a pistol. When we came down to our dam, we looked into the distance and I said “Look, there’s a Koala”. It was either drinking or looking at itself in the reflection.


As soon as it knew we were there, it turned around, stood up and walked. It walked about 2m out along a cement pad and all of a sudden it looked at me weirdly. Its face was like a Koala/human, but it looked like it had 3 rows of teeth. It growled at me with this really high pitched scream/growl. I aimed the riffle and got shots off, and I’m a pretty good shot but I couldn’t hit this thing, it was that quick.


It ran to the back of the bush of the property through the trees and started fighting with something. Then it ran through the scrub to the fence line and then into a bush corridor and it was gone.


When it stood up, its feet were like our feet, but they were more arched. It had 4 fingers and a thumb, and it had hands that were covered in the greyish white fur. He had sharp claws, but human looking hands. When it ran on two legs, I thought hey Koalas don’t run on two legs.

Its ears were pointy, it had a weird rounded face. Its jaw was different to a Koala. Its eyes were set back in it head, not like a Koala. This thing was a full on human crossed with an animal with its eyes sunk back into its head and its jaw line was really wide. When it growled it had 3 layers of white teeth on the bottom jaw. The top jaw had one row, but they were really sharp and pointy.


I didn’t want to shoot it but it scared the sh*t out of me so I started firing. I couldn’t hit him even though I tried to. It was like mental telepathy, like it was pushing the bullets away. After 57 rounds I could not hit it. I used to go to the riffle range one or twice a week, and I can shoot. I’ve been shooting since I was young. This thing was so quick I couldn’t put a bullet into it.


I’m 6ft, and when it stood up it would have been past my waist. It would have been a good 3 & ½ to 4ft. And when it ran, it ran like a human with its arms going up and down like a jogger. He was so quick off the mark. When it saw me raise that riffle, he ran – he knew. He’s been shot at before.

When he ran into that bracken, he started fighting with something. It was a full on fight like a cat and dog. It was like something was trying to hold him there. Then he ran, I saw him and I couldn’t hit him. I went in there after and there was nothing there.


This things worth a million dollars. It’s got to be worth a fortune. Whoever finds this thing and names it.... We call it the ‘Medowie Yowie’. It’s not like any other native animal we have.



Its elusive. It can hide. But it made the mistake of coming out and having a drink or fishing or whatever it was doing in our dam. We had peaches at the time because it was close to Christmas, so it could have come out for a feed and a drink and then back to the bush, I don’t know.







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