Location: Bombala, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: February 1996

Time: Day



My friends parents were living in Bombala, New South wales. They had moved there from Narrabri. On weekends they liked to go for drives and/or collect firewood. On this particular weekend, they were driving along a dirt road which was more like a fire break. The road comes to a dead end with a roundabout.


As they came towards the end, something came running out of the bush in front of them. The creature was 7ft tall with light brown hair all over. They had to drive past it to get to the roundabout to turn the car around.


They said it was like a man, but just wasn’t. It ran out in front of them. From the details described to me, I would say it was more than likely a Yowie.






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