Location: Bonalbo, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Winter, 1995

Time: Early Morning






It was a foggy morning during the winter of 1995. Myself and my brother went to School earlier than usual because our parents had to leave for work early.


We were sitting on an old tree stump waiting around near the town dam, and we could hear this really loud clapping sound. I looked about, looked at my brother and suddenly it started getting louder and we looked up towards the dam and we saw this massive big figure coming through the fog running across the top of the weir wall. He was massive, he was about 8ft tall and very well built. It had long streaming hair coming off it, probably about 4 inches long. It was huge, it was massive.


We knew straight away we just saw a hairyman. Being Aboriginal we always knew about them, just never seen one until then. Living out there you hear all the stories about them through the ranges and toward Woodenbong.


We ran home and caught Mum and Dad just as they were leaving and told them. It was pretty amazing.


The sighting lasted a good minute or so. It stopped running and then started to walk up the hill by the time it got to the other side of the dam wall and then disappeared into the fog.


It was at least 8ft tall, very strongly built, very solid and had 4 or 5 inches of hair streaming off its back as it was running. The clapping sound was the noise of it running. Its legs were really thick down to its ankles. Long arms. It ran faster than any human being I’ve ever seen run. It had a longish head, bigger than a human but only a very short neck.  


Its arms weren’t moving that much as it ran but the legs were quick. It was faster than Usain Bolt.


It was amazing to see. You hear about it, but when you see it you just go ‘Wow’. Being Aboriginal, you hear stories about the hairyman and everything that goes with it. There’s been a lot of Aboriginal people who have seen then down that was and over towards Tabulam over the years.









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