Location: Bocoble, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: March, 2015

Time: Day and night




I’m an avid hunter for many years and been in the bush for a long time. I’m not afraid of much in the Australian Outback or bush.


We were out on a mate’s property hunting for a goats or two. I started hearing “whoooops” in the background, like “Whoooop… whooooooop”, and I though that’s not a usual sound for me and so I said to my mate ‘Did you hear that?’ and he said he did. He said what is it? I said I don’t know so I’m going to Whooop back at it and I did. And it was replying. And as it’s replying its coming from three different directions. The first reply came from my left, the second reply came from my far right and the third reply came from dead centre ahead right down in the gully.


Down in the gully were a heap of goats and you could hear then running amuck like they were afraid as if something was scaring them.


I said this is really strange because I’ve just watched a show on Bigfoots and about them Whoooping, and the other thing they do is tree knocks. Just as I finished saying that, to the right hand side right up behind us we heard two wood knocks. Then about 30 seconds later, down in the gully, I heard the tree knocks again, but that was a whole different direction. I said to my mate that this was freaking me out a little and he said he had never heard anything like in the 6 ears he’s been on that property.


We stayed there for a while and I tried to get a recording on my phone but it was too far in the distance to hear it. Then as I’m trying to get a recording on my phone of the chattering, we started to hear what was like a chattering. It was like someone talking really fast and you can’t understand it. It was like ‘chatchatchatchat chatchatchat chat’ type of thing.


We stayed there for another 20 minutes or longer and we started to hear footsteps. Bipedal footsteps for sure.


We started looking in the direction of the footsteps and I saw what looked like something moving. My friend said can you see that? And I said yes I can.


It was an upright bipedal creature of some type with greyish brown hair. I couldn’t get a clean images, just an image of it walking through the trees.



Once we saw that, we were out of there.


We got back to town and started to talk about it. It was a little bit freaky. I’ve spend a lot of time in the bush and it was like nothing I had heard before. There is no Australian animal that can articulate that whooping sound from the lips. We were sitting there kind of dumfounded and shocked, so we started doing internet searches and looked for sounds of Bigfoot. We started playing these sounds off a Bigfoot off a Bigfoot site sound board, and the whooping was exactly what we had been hearing. It started off low and went to a really high pitch. Just talking about this is giving me goose bumps and my hair is standing on end.


Later that night we geared up to do a bit of fox shooting at the back of his property. It was a hot night, as the temperatures had been around 37 degrees for the past few days.



We went up behind his dam and I started using my fox whistle. And we started hearing tree knocks – again. It was exactly the same scenario as before, they came from three different directions. One was ahead, one to the left and the other to the right almost behind us. Then we heard this sound I have never heard before. It was a blood curdling sound that I have never heard before. It was like ‘Roah Roah Raoh’. We started to get out of there as quick as we could. My friend said whatever that thing is, this gun isn’t big enough to kill it. This rifle is definitely not big enough to kill what’s coming.



As we are getting back to camp as quickly as we could, we could hear the tree knocks following us from both sides of us like they we flanking us.



When we got back to camp and through the night, there was not one animal noise and a really strange feeling.


When we got back to town we started researching again and read a Report from Mudgee and then it really started to worry us because that’s not far away from us.


My friend knows some of the elders in town so we arranged a meeting with one to ask some questions about it. You could tell in his eyes he knew exactly what we were talking about. He said ‘If you don’t hurt it, it won’t hurt you’. That didn’t give me any comfort because I still didn’t know what it was.


He then went on to say that a property close by to my mates had 90 sheep disembowelled over 6 years and basically snapped in two. It just so happened that my friend knew these people and phoned them to verify the story.

They said it was true and still happening.


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