Location: Bocoble, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2018

Time: 2.30pm




We moved here in 2015. We have seen some stuff out there that doesn’t make any sense.


I was with my father-in-law at the back of the property hunting. He reckoned he saw this big black/grey thing. I said to him that he was just seeing things and to let it go and keep driving, but he was sort of panicking. After then, I didn’t think much more of it.


Then I took my Dad out hunting about a week afterwards, and he said the exact same thing. He scoped this thing in on the scope and he wouldn’t respond to me. I asked what was going on and he explained the exact same thing as what my father-in-law did. I just said that he was seeing things – there was nothing out there. They way that they both described it was like a Yowie, but I don’t believe in that type of thing.


Then myself and my brother in-law were out there about a month later, and the same thing happened. He said “I’ve seen it”, and I told him he didn’t see anything. He said, I’m telling you now I’ve F*’ing seen it. And he swears by it. He again, gave the exact same description.


I didn’t see what they did. The only thing was I heard something crashing through the bush when my father-in-law saw it.


It’s all forest out there. Heavily forested. We do hear some noises out there at night that make you wonder what the hell is that?


I saw the 2015 Youtube video you have of the Bocoble sighting and I would like to know if that was near my property.




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