Location: Bongil Bongil, New South Wales

Event: Paranormal Event

Date: Jan, 2008

Time: 2am





I was travelling home from Nambucca Heads, it was about 2 O’clock in the morning. I remember the time because I had to get fuel on the way, and I was really running the gauntlet because I was low on fuel.


I was in the forested area between Nambucca Heads and Coffs Harbour. The area is quite densely forested. They had cleared a lot of forestry because of the new roads they were building and the road works for the new Highway there, so the view was quite clear. I had a bit of Highway left before it merged back into a single lane.


My dog began whimpering. She was whimpering and whimpering. My dog is never like this, she travels in the car all the time so that gave me a bit of concern. She jumped into the front seat and curled up under the dashboard. I was a bit distracted by this at the time.  


There was something in the bush keeping pace with me which I thought was the shadows from my lights. It was dark and it was getting closer. It was almost like it was playing with me, I saw it was a dark shape, and it looked like it was going to get in front of me, or that’s how it made me feel. I was trying to make out what it was as it was merging with the road. All of a sudden I could see this thing and it was orange, with orange flowing hair. From the 2.5 metres on top of him the hair just flowed down. This wasn’t a normal TV style Yowie type of thing, the hair was long and just flowed off him. It looked like a red setters hair. It was lean and skinny, very long arms, extended long arms, very very long legged, it was on four legs at first coming in towards me faster. It was massive. It was keeping in time with me. Its head was down facing the ground so I couldn’t see any facial details at first. I thought ‘This thing is going to come in front of me’, as its coming closer closer closer……. This thing then stood up from all four legs to two legs and ran out in front of me. I was going faster to try and get away from it and this thing stood up on two legs as I was doing 110kmph and ran out in front of me. It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.


This thing was playing with me. It was like it was showing how powerful, just so powerful it was. I’m talking speed, it stood up in front of me, right in front of my headlights less than 1 metre away, over the lanes, back into the bush, over the road and back into the bush again and gone.


The hair on it was extreme. I’m talking like from the top of the head to the ground. It showed its power and how it had far more power than the vehicle. It was at least 8”2’. When it stood up I had to lean forward over my steering wheel to look up at it. I thought what the hell is this?


Because of the influx of power, it had to be something alien. It could not have been a Yowie because of the strength. It got in front of me while it’s running, standing upright and running in front of my car at nearly 110kmph. The Yowies I know are supposed to have speed, but not like that. It’s almost like it shape shifted. It had Human characteristics, Human shaped head, Human hands, Human feet, the face was quite Ape and similar what we hear about Yowie faces which is quite brown, almost chocolate. It turned its head at me. I was watching every single second trying to see a face. It was very Human looking and apish. He just glimpsed at me for one split second. I saw him from what I thought was a travelling shadow to see him coming through the bush and he was knocking down pine trees as thick as our legs with one arm as he was coming through the bush. And that’s the sound I remember, of him tearing through it.


It has to be mentioned. It’s something that’s stayed with me for a long time without saying anything. It’s the type of thing that other people, if they saw it, would never talk about. I believe that are out there and there must be a colony of these things because this creature was young, and if this creature was young, just imagine what we would be up against if we came up against a family of big ones.


I travel down that way a lot and I’m always looking out to try and have that experience again.



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