Location: Richmond Range, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 9th July 2018

Time: 8.20am




We drove from Boonah (Queensland) to Casino (NSW), then along the Bruxner Highway for about 40kms to the top of the Richmond Range. There is a 20km drive through National Park until you reach an AirBNB cottage on a cleared section of the mountain. It runs off the grid and very isolated, as it’s about 20kms from the bitumen road. We stayed the Saturday and Sunday night. The only people we saw in 48hrs was two guys go past on trial bikes.


On the Sunday night, there was quite a strange noise. I’m sure you have heard Possums and Koalas with that very loud grunting sort of noise, and I’m sure you have heard Cattle, especially Cows when you have separated them from the young, they will bellow all night. It was NOTHING like that.

It was more of a moan. A moany sort of noise. We thought it was a bit strange and wondered if there was someone there. It happened a couple of times, there were a couple of these quite loud low moans. I got hold of a powerful torch that lights up to about 500 metres and went out on to the veranda of this place and went right around. This place is right in the middle of the paddock and the closest trees would be 150 metres away on one side and hundreds of metres on the other. There was no stock there, no Possums, Koalas or trees there. None of the normal animals.




There was a bad smell, like a really bad BO smell.


In the morning (Monday), we left at about 8am. We went along a well graded forestry road. We went through a really deep patch of primary rainforest area into that open type of eucalypt landscape and then POW… There was this figure running across the road.


I said, Hey, hey, hey, did you see that? It looked like someone running across the road and into the Eucalyptus forest. So we’ve pulled up, and had a look around. Couldn’t see anything and couldn’t hear anything, so I switched the car off and still couldn’t hear anything.


The height would have been about 5ft 6 Inches. It was a brindle colour. Not like a colour of a Kangaroo. It was about 40-50m ahead of us. The breadth of it caught my eye, as it was quite wide across the shoulders. It was going from my right to my left. I was looking at it from an angle of about 35-45 degrees as it crossed the road. After it crossed the road, I saw an arm go up and brush a branch away.


The max speed you can do on the road was about 20kmph, so I was going pretty slowly. I pulled up and turned the engine off but you couldn’t hear any crashing noises or something going through the bush like you would with Kangaroos and alike. It was upright and wan no Kangaroo.







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