Location: Gorge Creek (in the Richmond Range), New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2007



Hi Dean,


My name is Phil and I lived at Doubtful Creek for 4.5 years.


A few years back and spent a lot of time up in Richmond Range National Park and SF.


I lived at the end of a road right on the edge of the bush and have heard many screaching sounds that were unexplained, one day while I was in the bush I actually seen something that made me believe they are there. I don't tell many people as they don't believe me but I know I was not seeing things because it was right in front of me. If you are interested you can contact me by email or phone


Basically, what I saw was a man looking thing, it was leaning out from behind a tree while I was waiting for a mate to catch up. While I was waiting I was looking up the fire trail and about 100 to 150 meters away I saw a man looking thing looking at me.


It was dark or nearly black in colour, covered in hair but I could see that the hair on its head was longer nearly like a mullet, it stood about 6ft tall and I could see its face, eyes, nose etc. and it had no neck like a footballer. I only saw from the waist up and I was looking at it for 1.0 to 2.0 muinite trying to come to terms with it, not wanting to think it was one of them.


The first thought was a gorilla its arms were huge as in muscle ,after a while my mate came along making a heap of noise and it turned and walked off as you and I walk and i was amazed with the thickness of its chest it was about 2 foot thick all I could think of is this thing is built like a brick shit house.


I told my mate and we rode up to where it walked of from and looked over the edge,the track was on the side of a hill and I could see all the way to the bottom to the creek and half way up the other side and it had vanished. The whole time I was looking at it I was asking myself questions like it’s a dirty hippy growing drugs no cant be too far from a road and there is no car here,a cow no doesn’t walk or look like on,could not find anything to explain it.


As I said in the last email I have heard a lot of strange things at night to when I lived there, I would be interested in asking a few questions about what they sound like as some of the things I have heard are different to animals that I know.


Thanks Phil








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