Location: Ashford, New South Wales

Event: Possible Yowie Sighting

Date: Winter, 2008

Time: 3pm




My mate and I were out cod fishing up the Severn River with my father and his mate when rain had set in. We decided to pack the canoes up and leave at about 2:30pm with the second car following, as we drove from Ashford along Bonshaw Road towards the Bruxner Highway.


It was now drizzling and there were long stretches of road works and mud along the road. We were a fair way in front of my father’s car on a long stretch of road with not much bush or anything in sight. We were between Bonshaw and Ashford. There was nothing out there other than the odd abandoned homestead.


About 500m in the distance both noticed what looked like a person walking in the middle of the dirt road (due to roadworks), wearing what looked like full black baggy long pants and a hoodie. We both commented who the hell would be walking out here in the middle of nowhere?


As we got closer, say about 100m, it veered off down into a creek culvert. I remember it as clear as day, my mate and I looked at each other and said ‘That’s a bit weird’. It was drizzling rain and there are no trees out there, its baron old farmland.


It was all black. We slowed from about 80kmph down to about 20. The road dropped into a gully with high grass on the side, and we couldn’t see anything. We had a pretty good view because there was no bush or anything around there. Then all of a sudden this thing slowly stuck its head up out of the grass. The grass would have been about 3 – 4ft. It was like old dry reeds.


This thing popped its head up and looked at us, then slowly lowered its head. Then its head popped up and popped down and we had a bloody good look at it because were weren’t far away from it. Probably about 20m away from us.


What was strange was it was all black. It had no face to it. To this day when we talk about it between us we still cannot explain what we saw apart from saying that it did not look like a person. Its face was black with no neck.


It was on the passenger side of the gully and my mate looked at me and said ‘What the F is that?’



It still sends the wind up us every time we talk about it. It was an odd circumstance in the middle of nowhere. Now we say we should have gone back and found out what it was.


Its face was all black. Even from 20m away, you can see somebodies face. It didn’t look like a hoodie or anything like that. It had a very dark looking face, looking at us and facing towards us.


It wasn’t the size of a large person. It was smaller. It’s a bit hard to gauge. When we first saw it at a distance we thought it was a person, but when we saw closer, it slowly raised its head and lowered it like in slow motion and we couldn’t explain what it was. We could see the head down to the shoulders. It was something we could never explain.




There is one other event in 2010 that I experienced that stands out with my father (fishing again) in an area we were not supposed to be in Canungra Army Reserve. We spooked something up in the bush as we paddled along in our canoes up the river. It took off at a great rate of knots under the canopy and make a raucous up the hill.


We paddled up further, perhaps 500m and came back and startled it again. Again it went up the hill. We went down further underneath the bridge and did some more fishing. We both commented on having the feeling someone was watching us. Then we heard some noises from up in the bush. We probably heard it 5 or 6 times. We would shine a torch but couldn’t see anything. We could heard small sticks being broken getting louder and louder. After about 20 minutes we had enough.


We did not visually see anything but had a large boulder thrown down and hit the water near the canoe. This thing stalked us for about 200m from the top of the hill. Whatever it was it did not want us there.





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