Location: Kempsey

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1995

Time: 5.30pm

(two young boys)




Myself and my friend James were coming back from our friend Irene’s house, and we heard something that we thought was a bird. We kept walking and then we heard two loud footsteps. We turned around and saw something that was about 8 or 9ft, it was massive. It was on the left hand side of the track. It was standing up but crouching over. We couldn’t see its face because it was facing in a different direction.


It started to put its head up, still looking away from us and when we got through the gate we started running. We were scared. When it stood up, it was another 1-1/2ft taller. It was bigger than a person. It was a lot wider and hairier. It had really dark brown to black hair that was pretty long. It looked in between an ape and a gorilla. It didn’t quite have the shape of a gorilla but not the same shape as a human.


Our friend Irene, her daughter saw one near their house and my brother has seen one about 30km into the bush last year. He was going up a mountain on his motorbike was when he saw one.  


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