Location: Keiraville, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1998

Time: various





Back at the time there was plenty of thick bush surrounding the homes.


I had been asked by the owners of this house to mind it for a week while they were away. They were an elderly couple. I had looked after a friend of theirs house and she recommended me to these people. He was a semi-retired Vet and they had built this house.


When I first met them, he just came straight out about “Visitors” that come through their yard. He called them Gorilla people. He said to keep the doors locked so they don’t get in and to keep the garage door closed because they would snoop around and whatever and to be careful.


I really didn’t expect to see them. I was more like ‘Oh well, if they come, they come’ sort of thing, but I was surprised when I did actually see them.


Where the new houses are now, it was all long grass and they has a goat tethered to keep the grass down. I was just wandering around during the day and talking to the goat and this young creature came down from the bushes. I heard voices and here was this creature covered in white hair. I noticed him first, then it looked up and saw me and sort of went ‘eeek’ like it was shocked, turned around and ran off. He would have been 10m away. The trees were all thin but close together and he came down through there.


It was about 5ft tall, white hair and about equivalent to a teenager in height, build and age. The hair was fairly long and shaggy, kind of like if you had a white dog that needed a good bath. It wasn’t muscly and it wasn’t thin, more like a human build. It was pretty much down the hill when it saw me. I think it was on its way down to the fruit trees.


The face was covered in hair. Short neck. The eyes seemed to blink sideways. [We have heard this before ~ AYR]


The second time was when I came home in the afternoon, and coming into the driveway and I saw standing there picking fruit off the trees and eating it at the same time. It was between the house and the garage. You had to be on the driveway to see it. He saw me coming and jumped down into a gutter near the fence. I drove up the driveway and parked the car and walked back down. It was still there. It was lying face down in the ditch lying flat so I couldn’t see it. I stood there thinking if I should touch it or not, and because I was very quiet, it must have thought I wasn’t there anymore and jumped up and ran away back up the hill into the bushes. I was so close I could have reached down and touched it. I couldn’t smell anything.


The third time, I was doing some washing up in the kitchen in the morning. The house had glass doors so you could see out onto the patio, and up towards the hill. I saw these two black creatures cut through the fence and they were looking around to see if they could see anybody because they wanted to come across the property. One was very short and I could only see from the shoulders up, and the other one was a lot taller and I could see him from the waist up. They were both covered in the same colour black hair. The short one had big eyes, and the mouth looked more like a chimpanzee. It looked a lot like an ape. The large one was the same, but it was just taller. The short one was stockier and the taller one was like a well-muscled man. The short one walked more like an overweight woman and the taller one just walked normal.


There was a bit of a gap in the fence. I think they had taken off some pavers and made a gap they could squeeze through. They came down towards a table and saw me through the window and decided they weren’t going any further and went back.


That was the last I saw of them. That was it.



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