Location: Dungay Creek, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1962

Time: Various

Witness: R. Clarke (oldest brother)





I remember it very clearly. I was the oldest of 7 kids.


One day in 1962 we had a billycart of oranges and the dog with us, and the dog started growling at something in the bush. We heard a bit of a grunt, looked up and in the bush there was a big creature and three young ones. We turned and ran. We left the oranges! 


The big one was very big. It looked more like a bear shape. There were definitely two little ones with it, but I think three. They were sitting in the bush up in the rocks. They didn’t come out. They were very dark and hairy. They were only about 30 metres away.


As soon it made the grunting noise, we looked at it and the dog started growling and we took off.




We saw him again about 12-18 months later in broad daylight. We had been out picking pears and came back up to the machinery shed. We could hear a noise coming out of the shed and we thought Dad must be in there. We came to about 30 or 40 metres away and we saw this creature in the shed. We all got behind a pear tree one behind the other trying to stay hidden, and it came out of the shed and walked down the hill. It was walking upright. It didn’t see us. We stood there hiding for a couple of minutes watching it.


It was the same creature we saw before. It looked like it had a muzzle like a bear, in my reckoning. It was at least 6ft tall. It was solid. It had plenty of hair on it. It was a fairly upright walk. It had a human shape but bigger. We could see it side on and it definitely had a muzzle like a bear or a dog, but not very long. The muzzle was more like a bear than a monkey.


We just took off home and told Mum and Dad. I got there before everyone else because I was the oldest, so by the time they arrived, Mum and dad already knew.


The next day, my Dad and his brother went over there to try and find something, but they didn’t.




And then not very long later, it was actually in my bedroom. I woke up to this noise and when I woke up I could see this thing standing between myself and the window. Nobody believed me, but it was true. My Fathers alarm went off for him to milk the cows, and it ran out.


I could again, see the shape of its muzzle.


The bedroom had a door to the outside and it had come up the 6 steps and through the door, which was open. I was too frightened to move. It was just moving around and not touching anything. There were three other kids asleep in the room at the time.




5 or 6 years later, I was out shooting rabbits and I came across these tracks. I followed those tracks for a while, then got frightened and ran home [laugh]. They were like our feet but much wider. They had toes.




Then in 1973, my brother and I found some tracks down where they were logging. These tracks were clear. They were like a man’s foot, but much fatter and we followed them down into a gully and there was a big hole in the scrub and we both said we’re not going in there! 



We told many of the neighbours over the years. They believed it. Some of them were scared to go into the bush at night.









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