Location: Cessnock, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1996

Time: 9pm





We were parked in very dense scrub with 4 friends.


We heard something coming towards us through the thickest scrub snapping branches and crunching the dead leaves on the ground. I could tell it was not a kangaroo or animal as the footsteps were the same as a human would make walking through dry undergrowth


It sounded about 40 -50 metres away. The scrub was that thick it was nearly impenetrable but it kept getting louder and I could tell it was heading straight towards us. We locked all doors and wound the windows up. Everyone saying just go go go.


I was the driver. We all were so scared, 5 grown men sh*tting ourselves. It now sounded about 10mtrs away then couldn't hear anything, then about 1 metre from the front of the car we saw 2 red eyes nearly like they were glowing in the dark, or if u shown a torch on an animal and its eyes glow or reflect that's what they looked like. They had to of been at least 7 foot high off the ground.

I started the car and drove fast as I could.

It was a spot out in the scrub we went to 2 or 3 times a month, but it always seemed creepy we all commented that you felt that weird feeling like being watched even though it was a place that no one ever went to, or you knew that no one would see or disturb you.


Its miles away from the closest house middle of nowhere.


It took me 6 -12 months to take a friend back there to show them where it happened, and as we were heading up the dead end track, every single tree for about 800mtrs in every direction was snapped off.


They were about as thick as an average man's leg (thigh) very very eerie.


All 5 of us seen this thing the night when its eyes glowed red, and I started the car you could sort of make out a silhouette of this thing.


I’m not sure what it was, but looked like an ape type man 7 -8 ft tall.


I'll never forget it.







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