Location: Cattai, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: September, 2017

Time: Night





My whole world has been flipped upside down in the last 3 weeks. I just don’t know what to make of it.  

It was September in 2017 and I had planned a 7 day solo camp. I was on my mates remote property in Cattai, fishing for Bass in my Kayak.

I hadn’t caught a fish all week and it was day 5, and in the afternoon I was getting tired and thought I’d break open a can of corn and fish off the bank during the night.


So I’ve gone back to camp, I left my kayak and set up some lines 120m away from where I was camping. I’d cooked dinner, and for the first time in 5 days I had the feeling someone was watching me, so I started checking over my shoulder and panning around with my torch, and I began to get a little nervous. Once I’d eaten my dinner, it was about 10pm and I decided to go check my lines and bring them in.


I decided to crank the fire up, so I put a crap load of wood on it. It was big, because I wanted to be able to see my camp while bringing in the lines, as I had this feeling someone was there.


I was pulling it all in and just before I went back to camp, I’d turned all my lights off and I was soaking up the atmosphere. It was a full moon, a beautiful dark valley and you could see all the stars and the ridge tops. I could see my camp all lit up by the fire, and as I’m looking, I see this massive explosion like a mushroom cloud in the fire and embers coming up and they kept going. The embers looked like there was a blower in the fire or someone hitting it with a shovel, as they would not stop. Then I see this big black silhouette, by the fire. It was there before, but I had only just noticed it because I was 120m away.


I saw the black silhouette walk around fire with what looked like a flame in its hand. It was very tall. Within a second, that flame in its hand extinguished and I was thinking holly crap, there’s someone in my camp. I put my Led Lenser on and lit up the camp, but all I could see were these three sets of eyes in the trees. I couldn’t see anyone moving. The two sets of eyes on the outside were like normal marsupials, but the ones in the middle were lower, further apart and really round and the colour was different. The eyes of the marsupials were an orangy colour, but the eyes in the middle were a crisp yellow, leaning towards a whiter tinge of yellow, round, and they blinked.


I was at that point, really terrified. I knew if I had to, I could escape down river in my kayak, since my Ute was back at camp. I waited between 30 to 60 minutes and then thought, this is ridiculous, I can’t wait here all night, so I walked back to camp with both torches on, scanning from left to right looking everywhere.


I thought that was sneaky and freaky, but maybe he was scared of me so I just let it be.


Earlier in the night I was playing a lot of Opera because it sounds awesome in the valley.


Within the first hour of being in the tent, I hear this thud on the back of the tray of my Ute. It sounded like a cat landing on it with that thud-thud, x 5 times the size of a normal cat. My ears had pricked up. The only noises you normally hear out there was the odd wallaby or wombat, so for me to hear that, was unusual.


Not long after that, I heard clawing on a tree. It sounded like a cat clawing a cat pole.


Not long after that I heard something moving. The fire had died down to a big bed of coals by this time, and the fire light had gone, but there was enough moonlight to see. I looked out the window of the tent and saw somebody squat down, facing the tent and walking sideways in a crab like fashion. It was going so fast sideways and then the other way straight out of there like a Ninja.


As soon as it was out of there, suddenly the fire started burning like someone had put a milk bottle on the fire. That instant flame like someone had just put something on the fire. That made me freeze. I thought what the hell is going on. There were strange noises all night and I didn’t get one wink all night.


The next morning when the sun came up, I was out of the tent and I felt so lucky to be alive.


Instead of going home, I stupidly decided to stay another night. So instead of going fishing, I set up the camp like the movie Home Alone 2. I scattered dry dead leaves around all sides of the tent, especially my blind spots so I could hear anybody walking. I drove up and down the track for 15 minutes to make sure every bit of dust was covered in my wheel tracks to make it easier to see footprints.


Heading into the second night, I was pretty nervous. I went back into my tent just after sunset and it was pretty soon that I saw, while looking out my window, this shadow in the fire glow and I thought, holy crap, that shadow is growing. As it gets closer, perhaps about 10m away, it eventually stopped just behind my Ute tray. It was a smokey colour silhouette with a large head and broad shoulders. It just stood there. I was freaking out. I was focussing on this silhouette and thinking, this is going to be the end of my life. I didn’t know what its intentions were. I estimated its height to be about 9ft and two men wide.



Then I noticed this little red tinge coming from the head, like a glowing eye. I only saw one glow. It was small and dim, and shaped like a diamond.


3 weeks ago, when I stumbled over your website, there was that military man who had the encounter in the Jamison Valley for about 4 days. He mentioned right at the end about the red glowing eye. And the next thing he said, it was in the shape of a diamond – my jaw dropped [AYR has yet another description of the Witness explain diamond shaped eyes – Wellingrove NSW 2010]. That’s why I got in contact with you. How good is it that you can get answers like that, which had happened previously.


This presence behind the Ute made no noise whatsoever. I was thinking to myself, why did I stay the extra night, now I’m dead. This thing was big. I was struck stiff with fear. When you are scared and you’re trying to stay hidden from something you think is dangerous, you concentrate on your breathing and try and make it quiet. I didn’t even want to swallow in case it made a noise, or made me cough. I was sh*tt*ng myself.


I’m looking at the silhouette and the glowing eye, and all of a sudden it goes down towards the ground in a smooth floating motion, crouching down, then moving sideways to its left. I didn’t know where it went. I just stayed still. I thought it was a monster.


Then before I knew it, I saw this little-little thing, the size of a child. As I’m looking out the window, I didn’t hear any noise over the dry leaves, I just saw this little 5ft figure walk over all these leaves I laid out without any noise and squatted with its back to the tent facing away from me, to the left of my window. I was thinking, this is it, this is where they’re going to come in the tent and get me. My mind was going ballistic. I was terrified. It was so close, I could have touched it through the tent.



I then see it move and start to twist its body to look inside the tent. On the face, I could see silver patterns coming from where the nose and mouth was and they flared out towards the cheeks and curved upwards. It looked like the pattern of something like a Maori mask. It was black with these eyes and I could see these lines. There was something in the mouth that was a lighter colour. Its head it was in the middle of my window and in the moonlight. Its eyes stood out.


In my mind at the time, it was like some weird looking gimp demon thing. As it was looking at me after a couple of moments, it turned around and disappeared without making any noise.


At this point, I was thinking of my family….

It was two nights with no sleep. Nothing further happened, and I left the next morning. Sometimes when I’ve had the intentions to go out into the bush for a night, I couldn’t even get out of my car.



I don’t know how they didn’t make noise. I put dead leaves there. There were no tracks there in the morning, none.



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