Location: Woy Woy, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 05-10-2019

Time: 10.30am





I’ve been living in Woy Woy for 3 years. I’m an avid cyclist and motorbike rider and spend a lot of time on bikes in the hills in the Great Dividing Range from Melbourne to Cairns. Currently, I’ve been doing a trail from the Woy Woy Tip to Mt. Wondabyne and then across to Patonga.


For the past few weeks when I’ve been riding up there, there’s been half a dead dog on the trail on the way up. Just the back end, no torso, legs or arms. It was a bit weird and strange. It had been there for a couple of weeks, and when I went up there on Saturday it was gone.


On the Saturday the 5th of October, I headed off from home at about 9.30am and went up to the Woy Woy Tip and up to the right along the Dillions Fire Trail. There were no bird noises, a very slight wind and dead quiet. It’s always very eerie when it’s like that.


I rode up the Dillions Fire Trail and then took the Tunnel Trail which passes Rocky Ponds Fire Trail and then onto the Wondabyne Trail. I took my bike right to the top and just sat there eating a mandarin and it was very quiet. I got back on my bike and rode from west to east, which is across to Patonga, the Wondabyne Trail and Dillions Trail and there’s a track that takes you to the back of the Tip and up to opposite Dillions Farm and up to Patonga Road.


I was on the Patonga Fire Trail looking for a track that goes to Lone Pine Road and I found a single trail to the left near Dillions Farm and I took that into the bush. The first thing I noticed on the trail were the trees being snapped, like something had been through there. It was very quiet and very eerie. All of a sudden two trees to my left at about 10ft up started swaying. I just thought “Whoa, something is in there”. This was about 10.30 in the morning.  Then something moved and I felt uncomfortable, so I just turned around and went back to the Patonga Fire Trail to head back to Patonga Road.


As I rode along the trail, I kept noticing this black shape about 50 metres or so off to the left and sometimes off to the right. It got to a stage where I had to stop my bike and keep looking to see this black shape. It was about 50 metres off the trail. It got to me that much that I had to stop, get off my bike and yell at this thing “I can F*ing see you watching me”.


I kept riding along the trail, and again I came to a spot where I felt uneasy and I could see one off to my right this time. It was behind a black tree stump. When I stopped, it stood up and it was far bigger than me. I’m 6’6”, and it was easily a couple of foot on me.


I could see the outline of its face, with grey coloured skin and it was covered in black hair. I absolutely sh** myself and was straight out of the fire trail and straight back on Patonga Road and raced home as fast as I could.


I didn’t know if it was someone in a gorilla suit playing games or what. I got onto my computer and Googled the history of Dillions Farm and then this can of worms opened up, which made me contact you guys. I’ve been obsessed since.


I’ve ridden these trails dozens of times. I’ve ridden bikes through the bush from Melbourne to Cairns. I’ve seen some extraordinary things in the bush, but nothing like this. It scared the bejesus out of me.


I’ve never seen anything strange out there ever. I’ve been out there by myself multiple times and I enjoyed it. It’s a stress relief and a ‘Dad’s day out’ away from the family, so it’s been a good thing for me to go out there every weekend for some fresh air and see the bush land.


After I saw that dead dog a couple of weeks ago, it’s been a bit weird since then. Then after my experience out there last weekend, I don’t know if I want to go back out there alone.


The bush became silent up past where the dog was. It was dead quiet. It was eerie.


I felt that something was watching me. When I stopped and saw the shape moving against this tree stump, I was that scared, I had to yell at it “I can see you watching me”. It was quite an uneasy feeling.


They were on both sides of the track following me parallel. On both sides of the track there were black shapes moving through the forest. It was really weird because normally you would hear the crunching of trees and stuff like that, but I couldn’t hear a thing. They were moving like Predator or something. It was really bizarre that these things were making no noise while they were travelling parallel beside me on the trail.


There were times when I was walking because there’s ups and downs and I don’t like riding up hill. I prefer to push the bike up hill, and ride down.


I could see these things 50 metres off the trail and on either side at times, following parallel to the trail. They were keeping pace with me. I was very aware and keeping a peripheral of what was around me.


[When it was next to the stump], you could see it was covered in hair. It looked half deadlocked. It was hard to tell because it was 50 metres away, but it was 3 to 4” long. Like I said, I’m 6’6” and from the look of it, it was a couple of foot on me, perhaps 9 or 10ft tall. The shoulders were about a metre wide. No neck. It looked like an ape, it looked like a gorilla, like a Silverback. The shape of it, the shoulders, its hunched neck and the grey skinned face. I saw its eyes and its face look at me.


This thing stood up next to the tree stump, turned and looked at me.


Like I said, it was about 9ft+ tall, at least a metre wide in the shoulders, the head was very wide like the size of a big motorbike helmet and it had no neck. It had very broad shoulders and I saw its face. The whole experience was so surreal. The best way I can describe it is as a Silverback. It was very bizarre. It had a gorillas face.


When I stopped near that tree stump, I could tell that stump was as tall as me. It stood taller than the tree stump.


Initially after I turned around, and was riding down the Patonga Fire Trail, I was going down a hill and I saw something to my left, then jammed the brakes on, dropped the bike and yelled ‘Who’s there’, but nothing, it didn’t move. So I got back on the bike and kept doing, down a hill, stop and walk up and there’s something off to my right, keep going and something off to my left, keep going and there was the tree stump over to my right and that’s when I saw this thing move and I got back off my bike and yelled ‘I see you watching me’. Then I was back on the bike and out of there.



I was so scared. I was by myself. All I wanted to do was to get back onto Patonga road and get out of there.

I will be going back there. I would like to get some type of evidence.


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