Location: Strickland, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 22-01-2020

Time: 6pm

[Female Witness]




Three friends and I were walking in the bush along some rocks in the creek which are just below the actual walking track. We had to climb down off the path to get to the creek.


One friend said he saw something run past, but he thought it was a big lizard or something. A few moments later my other friend said she saw something, but didn’t know what it was. I began to feel a bit anxious. A friend of mine had shared an AYR post about a Yowie Sighting along the Patonga track at Wow Woy, and I started to think about it. I looked back along from where we came and saw a figure half hidden behind a tree.  


I couldn’t make out any facial features, but I could see it was a being and it was looking at me. It looked like a giant person, but more like a gorilla. It was over 6ft with the features of a man and gorilla. It was almost like we were on a telepathic wavelength and it acknowledging I was there, but it didn’t feel dangerous. It was like we both excepted each other’s presence and then both went on with our day, type of thing. It was like a psychic communication.


He was standing behind the tree on the left bank of the creek about 30 to 40 metres away, and above there was the path. He wasn’t moving. 2/3 of it was exposed, with the rest behind a tree. It was quite large – pretty huge like an upright gorilla. It was standing perfectly still and could have easily blended perfectly into the bush, but it had this presence.



When I looked back again, it was gone. It didn’t even cross my mind to take a photo.


I didn’t tell my friends, because one of them gets quite anxious.


It was only when I started thinking of the Woy Woy report that I saw it.


A few weeks later while camping with friends in the Watagans, I told them about what I saw, and it was like I could feel it watching me while I was talking about it. I felt uncomfortable. I was struck by the feeling that the Yowie/s are very in tune with our psychological vibrations and are possibly drawn in when you begin to think of them.








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