Location: Strickland, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: April, 2017

Time: 2.30pm

Female Witnesses




I was reading another Report on your website and their description was eerily similar to what we saw, which makes it even creepier.


It was my female friends Birthday and we decided to go for a hike. She chose the area, which was Strickland State Forest near Somersby. There’s normally people there, so we thought it would be pretty safe.


We started off around 12.30. Arrived in the carpark and there were a few people around which made me feel comfortable. It was a nice Sunday afternoon.


We decided to do the bottom part of the trail which is at the base of the ridge. Its quite deep into a jungle area with palm trees and groves that is really thick. You have to cross a little creek to get into it where you can’t take any vehicles.


About 15 minutes in, we came to a section where the palms had been completely flattened. All the trees were squashed and smashed down. It looked like something had a big tantrum. We kept going and the path which is along a stream for most of the walk, and does a big loop to the top. When you get to the furthest end, there’s fencing and some pine and a little clear opening, then the track goes back into the forest.


Then a branch fell, but it was strange because it was a large broken off piece of branch that had been broken off on both sides, which was quite eerie, and we didn’t feel very comfortable there, so we decided to hike back. The trail where we were was about an hour, so we were pretty deep in there.


We got back to the carpark, and decided not to cut the day short, and drove up to the top part of the trail.


Again about 15 minutes into the hike, we came across a tree that had been totally stripped of its bark, which was really bizarre. It was stripped and peeled like a banana from 8ft up, down to the base of the tree.


There wasn’t many people up on the top trail. We were hiking along the top of the ridge line and there’s a section where you come to a bit of a cliff where on the left side its like a steep bank with really high bracken down to the forest line which is about 30 metres away. Further along the trail, there are two massive boulders which you have to squeeze through.


About 5 – 10 minutes’ walk after those boulders, we were back down to where that branch fell. I was in the lead and there wasn’t really that much space for us to be walking side by side, and I got this really horrible feeling in my stomach that something just wasn’t right. It felt really uncomfortable, so I turned around to tell her that I don’t know why, but we have to go back home, and as I’ve turned to face her, I looked down to my right hand side where the bracken is near the tree line, there’s this thing.


I could see from its shoulders up and its head, and it was just outside the tree line. It must have been on its belly or low close to the ground. Time stood still.


I had a really clear view of it. It had no expression on its face, there was no emotion on it, it had really dark charcoal skin, really deep set eyes dark eyes, I couldn’t see any whites in the eyes. Its face was like a cross between an aboriginal and a gorilla. It would have been about 3ft across the shoulders, they were really broad shoulders compared to a human and there was no neck. The head was conical, but it wasn’t big and conical and it had a bit of a peak to it. It had black 2 – 3” long hair which was pretty thick which stopped around the forehead area and came to above the chin but below the bottom lip, so the rest of the face was pretty clear skin.



The other weird thing that stood out was the nose. It was really human but completely flat against its face. It was really squashed down, but with hooded nostrils that weren’t pushed back like a Gorilla, it was more human.


I was terrified and didn’t have time to think. I didn’t want to stare at it too much, so I grabbed my friend and said we need to go. She saw it and said ‘Oh my God, did you see that!’. There was sheer panic. I told her to grab onto my backpack and not to run. There was a thing in my stomach that just said not to run and to walk as quickly as we could and get out of the area.


As we were walking, it started to come up and there was another one that she saw which was off to it’s left that was standing up further into the bushes. As we were heading back, they started paralleling us along the tree line. As they’re paralleling us, they are grabbing trees and pulling them back with their weight and letting them go, so you could see the trees moving which was spooking us out more.


It seemed that after we got back past the boulder, they had stopped.



I don’t now how high the bracken was, I only presumed it was on its stomach, but it could have been kneeing. I want to go back there and measure the bracken one day, but I really don’t want to go back to that place again.


Their shoulders were massive.


I didn’t want to look at them as we were walking because we were so scared, but from the peripheral they seemed quite tall.


When we got back to the car, it was like Oh my God, and we shared each others stories of what we saw. We both saw the same things.


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