Location: Macquarie Pass, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2010

Time: Various times at night

[Male Witness]




We lived in the Southern Highlands for over 20 years as a young kid. There is a big escarpment in the Macquarie National Park that goes down to the coast and it’s all bushland with nothing in the there at all, other than a couple of old fire trials. It’s classic Australian bush with a few swampy areas and caves.


There was always a few noises here and there and my Dad always put it down to the noises of the bush. We lived in an old shack that had an outside toilet which was only about 3 metres from the house, but you never wanted to go by yourself at night. It always felt like there was something watching you.


As I got older, I would hear noises like something bagging on the old corrugated iron behind the toilet, and even when you were in there. Dad always said if there was something out there in the bush that wanted to hurt us, it would have hurt us already. I reckon he knows they are there, but won’t admit to it.


I’m 30 now, but when I was 20 I started to notice a few more things. Around Autumn or the colder months of the year - the activity always increased. I reckon there was probably a family of them that would come through the area that time of year. The activity would really increase for that 4 to 6 months of the year. My Mother, Dad and family members never really wanted to talk about it.


In the bush, you would hear tree knocks and stomping around and you’d get the torch out but wouldn’t see anything all most of the time. There was one night I had the torch out and saw these eyes that were almost white, but also had a tad yellow, about 8ft off the ground looking at me from about 20 metres into the bush and the eyes went down into what looked like a squatting position and I could see the eyes blinking. I do a bit of hunting so I know the difference between a fox, cow, horse and owl etc


My younger sister had a boyfriend (Luke) back then, who came and lived with us for a while. He started noticing the same things as myself. Luke started to work for me, as I had my own business. We would get up at 5am while it’s still dark and load the ute and trailer. He would always wait for me because he always had the feeling of being watched or he would hear something. He used to say that it’s not a kangaroo because it was bipedal and heavy.


Every so often we would hear a scream or a moan, almost like a fox, but like a really big bloke with a heavy voice. We heard it mainly when the activity had increased. We would hear it on top of the hill, at the bottom and when it was on our property and it was quicker than anyone could run.  


There was one night it happened really bad and myself and Luke followed it far into the bush until Luke got a really bad feeling and I noticed there was no noises, not even bugs and then this bad smell came across. It smelt like something dead or rotting and it had a heat to it. All the paperbark trees where scratched up like a territorial sign.


After that night, things got worse. I was out one night and my sister and Luke phoned me and said its back and it was bad, so I had better get back home. I got back pretty quick, just before midnight. They said it was just in the forest near the house. I shone the torch and could see the eyes. Then a second set of eyes lit up and I though crap, there is more than one. Then we could hear another one walking around, so there was at least 3 of them.


We’re looking at these eyes and one set were 9ft off the ground while the other set was about 6ft off the ground and the noise of the other one was making a big racket like it had ripped a tree out and hit another tree and you could hear trees shaking and crunching. You could hear it throwing stuff like rocks and sticks. They eyes were that white/yellow colour and blinking. They were staring at us the whole time.


I went and got my gun and came out and they took off crunching and banging through the bush.


I think they were there because we’d pissed them off by following them so far into the bush the night before, and being on that trail (beyond the shredded trees), and they’d never had anyone follow them that far before.


A night or two after that, we all went out for dinner as a family. We got home about 11 or 12 at night. We had our own cars and my sister and Luke got back at the same time us. I got out of my car and Dad got out of his and we heard my sister scream, so we all took off over to her. Luke was white as a ghost and she was yelling that someone had touched her. She said she had got out of the car and someone came up behind her and touched her. Then she heard it running away. I asked Luke what he saw, and he said that he had seen it.


He said it was a big man and as soon and he turned around with the torch, it was so quick that it had gone. He said it looked like it was going to grab Amy. It came up behind her and tried to grab her on her right shoulder.


Not long after that, my Mother and Dad went away for the weekend in the caravan. There was only my sister, Luke and myself at home, and one night Amy came running down to the shed and said she could hear them coming again.


Now I was taking it more seriously. It tried to grab my sister, it had been hanging around the shed and I wanted to show that we are not afraid of it. So we heard it in the bush and it was making an awful scream.


I got the gun out and had Amy and Luke go over the train line to see if they were over there, while I sat in the dark with my torch off waiting to see if they were coming down their usual route. I hear this big banging and crunching coming and it stops right in front of me. He’s realised I’m there and stopped about 20 metres away from me.


I stood there for a minute, then turned the light on and it took off. I could hear it crashing though the bush and I ran through the clearing down to a post and waited for it to come out. I climbed up on top of this big post and squatted down waiting for it. I then turned the torch on again and it took off. That’s when I saw it for the first time.


I’ve seen a picture on the internet that was pretty close. Essentially, it was about 10ft tall with a heavy-set build. Not overly long hair, but covered all over. It was about 20 metres away and running to the east. It was very big and definitely covered all over in dark hair with reddish tips. It was running across and away from me. I could see the back of the head and it didn’t have long hair like a person, it was mostly even all over but a bit scruffy on top, and I could see its left ear. The ear was similar to a human but maybe sitting a bit higher. It didn’t stick out at all, it was flat. There was a bit of neck movement, but not much of a neck. The muscles on top of the shoulders were that big, it was like that was it’s neck.


It was moving quick, but running oddly like it didn’t have flexible ankles, so it was running flat footed. The arms were long and it hand big hands with fingers like fat sausages. The hands came down between the knees and ankles. It was running upright and not hunched over and a bit awkward.


I managed to get a shot off at it with the riffle. While it was running, I lined it up in the scope and shot it. I hit it. I got it in the left shoulder. I had a .22 with hollow points. It would have wounded it, but it didn’t even make a noise. Didn’t skip a step, just kept running. Within the first 5 seconds of it running, I lined it up and got it in the shoulder. When I hit it, I saw a little puff of hair and I heard the thud. I took my eye off the scope and watched it normally while the light was still on it and it didn’t even phase it, it just kept running off into the bush.


I was that shaken up that I couldn’t get off the post, I fell off it. I didn’t even phase it. I thought all I’ve done is piss the thing off and it will come back. Where it ran is an old Tip and I could hear it banging and throwing stuff and having a really big tantrum. It was pissed off. I sat there for another half hour to see if it was going to come back up. If it did, I would have had another crack at it.


I went down there the next day and it was a mess. There was stuff thrown everywhere. I looked for blood but there wasn’t any. The hollow point was supposed to go in one side and take a big chunk out of the other, but being a .22, hitting the big game it would have gone in and done nothing.



They quieted down after that for the season.

I’ve moved out now and my sister did say that it’s starting to get bad again.



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