Location: Molong, New South Wales

Event: Sighting

Year: 2021

Male Witness



My son and I go down to the creek and we do bow fishing for carp.  Because we’ve been down a couple of times the carp get a little bit used to us and the second that we turn up they disappear, so we thought we’d go down to see if they come out after dark.


I started the ‘mule’ which is the vehicle that we use on the farm and we drove down to the creek, it’s about a kilometre from the house.  When we got down to the edge of the creek we probably stopped 40 or 50 metres away from where we normally stop to go to the creek.  Probably for the first time ever too I didn’t turn a torch on, and we just crept along relatively quietly although walking through the thistles and the tall grass you just can’t do it quietly, but we did it as best we could.


Got to the edge of the creek banks… that’s when I turned the torch on, it’s just a good little LED torch.  I had it on the lower setting so I didn’t scare any of the fish and then when I looked left I didn’t see any fish, I looked right I didn’t see any fish but I did notice something just on the other side of the bank.  I’m guessing probably from where we were standing, about a distance of somewhere around the 20 metres or less away.


On the other side of the bank there’s about a 30-40cm drop straight to the creek and then there’s a little bit of an inclined plateau where there’s some kikuyu grass probably about 3 metres maybe, it’s nice and short like its mown.  That’s when I saw something on the ground.

It was relatively flat, it was a very square shape, very hairy and shaggy sort of shambly hair.  It was quite dark, but you could still see a little bit of maybe brown, tiny little bit of red, essentially it was a dark colour.


At first, I couldn’t really grasp what I was looking at in terms of what animal. Nothing from my memories of anything related to what I was looking at. I was trying to work out was it a kangaroo lying down, was it a wallaby sort of sitting in a strange position. It certainly wasn’t a dog, or a cat, or a fox or any of that sort of thing, it was just a completely different body shape to a wombat. I thought that’s interesting I need to get a better look at that. So, I turned the torch up and said to my Son, “Mate did you want to have a look? What I’m looking at, I don’t think you’re ever going to see that again in your lifetime.”  He said, “What is it Dad?” and I said, “I honestly don’t know”, and he refused to come out from behind me.  He said, “Dad I don’t want to look at it, I just don’t want to look at it,” he didn’t come out at all during the whole process. When I turned the torch up and I was able to get a better look, but still the perspective was just wrong. I couldn’t understand what I was looking at; was I looking at an animal on its side, was I looking at an animal on its belly that was off the ground, was I looking at the bottom of an animal or a kangaroo that had been tailed? I just couldn’t work it out. I turned the torch up one more time, so it’s on full, its incredibly bright, you’re basically looking at daylight really.


That’s when it looked up…and I realised that its actually facing me on its belly but off the ground so it was supporting its weight.


What I could see was I think the brow line, the ridge of the brow, there was a longer bridge/brow line, and that went basically across the whole head. I think I saw a little bit of the nose, there was no hair on it.


I could definitely see some of the cheek bone of one side, I don’t remember seeing lips. But it was basically, I think from memory, three lines of light that were reflecting. The brow, the nose and the other one was definitely the cheek; you know the old gridiron footballers how they put a little bit of that black boot polish under their eyes? That was the part that was shining, that I got the reflection off. Didn’t see any eye shine, eye sockets or eyes, the whole lot was just really, really jet black.


When it looked up it was quite interesting, it looked at me in a ‘this is really inconvenient, don’t put the torch on me and I don’t like you being here, you’ve mucked up whatever I was doing’ kind of way.


The skin looked like a cheap pair of faux leather black school shoes. It was dark, if anything it was a very, very dark brown.


The hair was somewhere around 3-4 inches, maybe a fraction less. It looked quite shabby, like in parts it was shedding a winter coat in some spots, in other spots it looked a little bit nicer but generally as an overall description it was shabby and quite thick. It was hair, not a coarse looking fur, you would have said it was a coarse hair. I didn’t notice any hair that was longer, in terms of an alpha hair if that’s one way to describe it, it was just shabby hair.  A hairy goat has undulations in the hair, and the fur, that’s pretty much how the back of this thing looked.  It had those slight undulations but it was just flat.


It was at that point that I realised what I was looking at was just absolutely, incredibly unique.  I begged my Son “Please have a look mate, please have a look, this is something that you will never ever get the chance to see again “.  He just wouldn’t come out from behind me.

The thing that really sort of confused me about the whole situation was there was no clearly defined head outline, like you would expect on a normal animal.  That was the other thing that I was really finding difficult to wrap my head around.  The simple fact was it looked like a torso that had been beheaded, almost in some ways, it was so bizarre.  There was a little bit of a slight cone, a slight V shape where the head was.  A normal animal, its head’s clearly sitting proud of its body in some way.  Even wombats, they’re little nuggets, but their head is clearly defined as separate to the body.  This wasn’t ordinary, it was just a little tiny bit of a slight exaggeration of the shape, it was pretty hard to understand until you see something like that, it’s difficult to appreciate.  It had really big neck muscles, it’s probably also got a powerful jaw that’s anchored at the shoulders in some way; it was quite interesting. 


What I do remember is the little one didn’t turn its head in any way, shape or form.  It didn’t twist, it looked straight up, there was a parallel and even movement straight up.  It looked pained in the way it looked up or wanted to look up.  I do think and wonder if it knew that if it looked into the torch light that it would have hurt its eyes or upset its vision for a couple of minutes.  I don’t know if it would have physically hurt but I did consider it may not have continued to look up because it didn’t want to look into the light.  When it looked up it looked up very slowly, it didn’t look up in a quick way, it was very, very slow.  If you’re startled by something you look across and there’s a fast reaction, it just wasn’t at all, it probably took 2 seconds to actually look up.  It didn’t look up very far, it was just a very slow deliberate movement.  That’s why I said it looked pained with regard to the action it was taking.  Maybe it’s just a limited range of movement I don’t know, could have also just been thinking ‘bloody humans’.


It was directly across the other side of the creek; we were about 3 metres higher.  The angle as well is 5-7 degrees again the other way.  So, it wasn’t even as if it was on a flat ground trying to look up, it was even more exaggerated because of the angle of that bank on the other side.


It slowly started to look down, then it slowly started to take a couple of steps backwards, this is the thing that really got me, it just blew me away.  As it started to step backwards that’s when it growled, for me it was just a warning.  I wasn’t worried, I’m not traumatised, but I’m fascinated by what I seen and heard.  It just started to speed up and walk faster and faster backwards.


Almost every animal, certainly every mammal that I know, and I’m not talking about one that’s in its home range that has a designated house; any type of mammal where it’s got one step away from its hole in the tree or hole in the ground they literally just throw themselves backwards and they’re in there.  This wasn’t like that, this had maybe 2 metres to go backwards, but not at any point it looked like it had any doubt as to where it was going.  And there was a gap in between the thistles and the grass, absolutely no doubt as to where it was going with regards to the direction it was taking.  It was faultless, it just went straight into the grass into that gap.  A normal animal would want to turn around and get their bearings and direction.  I’ve never seen a situation like that where an animal hasn’t checked their surroundings or re-established their bearings, that was pretty interesting for me, to see that.


The growl was interesting in that…I didn’t realise the impact it had on my Son.  I was trying to chat to him about it a week and a half ago, I said “I invited you to look at it a number of times but you were too scared.  Do you remember the growl, do you remember what noise it was?” and he said “Yes”.  I think he’s a bit shaken up, because he said he could feel everything in his insides vibrating and rumbling.  I didn’t get that experience, I did get a little bit of a tummy tickle but I certainly didn’t get the same experience as he had, he’s really shaken up.


I instantly felt, at the time, blessed.  I was excited… really, really excited I just felt quite happy, like wow look at this, this is super cool!


It’s not the first time that something strange has happened where we’ve had the same thing that we’re looking at but a different experience. I don’t see them as strange anymore, you know I just see them as, they just happened, I’ve seen plenty of UFO’s.


I Googled to try and find what Australian animal makes that noise that I heard, I just hit wall after wall after wall I couldn’t get anything.  Then this one particular Google search that I went on said something about sasquatch, I thought well what’s a sasquatch?  And that took me down the rabbit hole.  Seeing the images that have been drawn of them, it still wouldn’t even do remote justice to what I was looking at, in terms of how sunken the head was onto this torso.

We actually had the bow but I chose to leave it in the mule that night, I thought if we need it we can come back and get it.  The reality is I don’t think it would have presented itself to me, it would have known I was carrying a gun, it wouldn’t have shown itself to me. 


The vehicle being so noisy, it would have heard us coming a kilometre away but it stayed there and showed itself, that’s something I’m really perplexed about.  I’m also wondering was it that invested into almost catching a fish that it thought it was worth the risk.


I told my Mum and she said, “Why do you think it was just there to catch a fish? It could have been getting a drink”, I thought she has a point but I thought it could have got a drink anywhere at any point on that creek.  It could have waited 2 minutes until I was gone and gone and had a drink.  To me it felt that it was invested into something, for just pure and simple reasons to me it looked like it was trying to catch something.  It wasn’t drinking when I saw it, it was still, it was down low.  And low enough so if there was a fish in that water then if it could see it, it would have been difficult for it to see because it was so low.  As I mentioned earlier there’s a bit of a drop from the bank, 30-40cm down to the water.  So that’s a sheer edge so any fish looking up cant literally look over the top of that little bank, and it was really low.  It wouldn’t have been able to be seen by a fish.


It was completely flat; it was long bodied and it was parallel with the ground.  The ground from memory is about a 7- or 8-degree pitch going away from me, but it looked parallel with the ground.  So, to me it didn’t look like the arms were longer or shorter.  I do remember thinking the back legs looked weirdly short.  From the shoulder joint to the elbow joint would have been shorter definitely than the joint from the elbow to the hands.  I don’t really know by how much.  And where the knee joint in reverse would be, it was down into the shadow effect of that, down to the ground.  And the back was really flat, it was just flat and square.  Not like a pool table flat…but like cattle when they’re really big animals their back is quite flat at the top but then obviously they taper around.  I could see a really, really slight curvature of the spine…very, very mild.  It still remained almost dead flat.  It was incredibly broad, I guess it was maybe a third wider than I am, I’m pretty wide, I was a prop, 690-700mm wide.  It may have been wider at the shoulders but it wasn’t noticeably wider, it was a pretty similar parallel torso.


It wasn’t very high off the ground, I don’t think it was on knees, I think it was on and feet.  If I imagine a monkey or anything that was doing the same thing, it was spread out.  Because we are so goofy and clumsy and you need those limbs to be out away from the torso, and these were away from the torso but they might have only been just 20cm away.  And then the top part of the leg and the top part of the arm are relatively short and then it went straight down in a 45-degree angle.  It just looked like that back knee joint had completely reversed, so it somehow completely dislocated and literally did a 180.  I don’t understand how that’s possible unless it was a double-jointed knee so they’ve actually got 2 joints.  A little bit like a dog bottom joint or animals that have literally 2 knuckles that go together so they can bend 2 ways, and maybe that’s it.  But it literally had reverse folded down to the ground.  Those hip joints were working super hard and rotating a long way to travel backwards. 


The front arms, they seemed to operate quite well going backwards.  There wasn’t any problem there, a more natural fluid action, like you’d expect from any normal primate I guess, including people.  But it was the back legs that was extraordinary to watch, they were going through a huge range of movement, and they were rolling as they moved and they did it really quickly.  I don’t know how to articulate that well enough for people to understand exactly what I really saw.

They were almost rotating through a sort of 280-degree motion to allow that reverse walk to happen.  It was quite extraordinary, anyway as it started going backwards it was probably as quick as I could walk but going in reverse.  It reversed straight back into the grass and the thistles behind itself and that’s the last I saw of it.


The confidence it carried, clearly indicated to me that it was either older or strong enough to know that I posed no threat to it in any way, shape or form.  If there was a one-on-one punch up I was going to come off second best.  So, it carried that certain amount of charisma with regards to being very confident and aware of its own self.  By the same token, did I get that confidence mixed up with curiosity?  In a lot of species, you associate curiosity with juveniles, but then you associate a connection with females.  So that has sort of played on my mind as to why a little person would show itself to me.  Was it a female wanting connection, was it a junior mucking around, was it an angry, old man who just didn’t care anymore?  I did also wonder if it was deaf, simply because we had the lights off.  I can’t understand it, you can literally hear (the mule) start a kilometre away.  And it does have a muffler it’s a brand-new vehicle.


It was just on grass when it disappeared…I actually don’t like calling it ‘it’, it devalues its…I don’t know what I’m trying to express here.  But it seems to devalue the worth of the being, as opposed to it being an animal. 


I was just looking around with a torch and I thought well it’s not coming back out and my little bloke was saying, “Come on Dad we have to leave, we have to leave!”.  He was getting quite upset with me at times, I said “nah mate not yet”, I turned the torch off and he nearly choked me at that point.  I turned the torch out and went to night vision, we probably looked with the night vision for about 2 minutes.   I couldn’t see anything, I thought maybe it’s going to sneak away and we’ll catch a glimpse of it as it sneaks away, but there was nothing.  It makes me think whatever it was, just went back into the grass and literally sat there and waited till we left.  It knew that trying to get away would only cause disruption and make noise and it would draw our attention back to its location.  


I was there probably 6 weeks after it happened, and at that point I was still discovering sasquatch and still learning about sasquatch in America.  I still hadn’t even put together what I had looked at was an Australian equivalent, in a different form.  It still didn’t occur to me, because I had clues, I had information, I know what I saw, but I didn’t have any answers in any way, shape or form. 


Maybe a couple of weeks after Christmas I was listening to one of the Sasquatch Chronicle episodes and they mentioned the Australian Yowie, and I went “What?!”  And the proverbial penny dropped, that’s when I went on the iPad again and went looking for Yowie and of course Dean and you guys all popped up.  It was only then that I started to go ‘hooley dooley’.  Interesting.


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