Location: Mongarlowe, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: May, 2013


My first experience was 16kms outside Cooma. I was prospecting with a metal detector. The area is rich in Quartz. I had wondered through the bush looking around for a few hours. Then I had a feeling of something watching me. I know the all sounds of animals in the bush. I know the sounds of Roo’s, Wallabys and Possums etc.


I tried not to pay any attention to something that was walking through the bush, but I knew it was bipedal. I was a bit intimidated, so I turned around and walked the other way. I don’t know if it was curious of the metal detector and the noise.

It was getting close to dark and I stood up on the road waiting for my girlfriends and my uncle and I knew something was still watching me. By this stage I was like ‘Hurry up and come and pick me up’.


3 weeks later, the farmer living adjacent to the area I was in, spotted one carrying half a calf under its arm. It was actually in the Newspapers in Cooma.


That was around summer 2012/3. That was my first encounter, although I didn’t see it.


The second incident was just outside of Canberra heading South down the Monaro Highway. There’s an old lookout as your coming down the hill. I couldn’t get in there because it was closed off, so I parked close by in the just before dark. I was going to sleep in my van that night because I was in the midst of moving house.


I got out to have a Wee, and I saw this big head walk past in the moonlight about 30 feet away from me. There were no game trails there. This was about 2 hours after dark. I watched it walk past. I thought ‘Hang on?’ I watched it walk past me. I watched it walk past the Falk of a tree. So I got back in the van.


Then I heard, ‘bang bang’. It did a tree signal. It hit the tree. Then on the other side of the valley, there was a response a couple of seconds later ‘bang, bang’.



Then the next incident happened around May 2013 near Mongarlowe. Cockabully Road.

I had gone right up the back of this road, where I knew there were some good creeks for prospecting.

When I got out of the car it was a full moon, the bush was dead silent. I felt there was something in front of me and something behind me. After about 3 hours it was all becoming too much for me because I knew they were still there. There was still not a sound. Not one cricket. Not one bird sound. Nothing.


I prefer the full moon because its light and I don’t need the head torch as much. I looked up to the ridge and I watched and I waited. I watched up where the trees were and I could clearly see the ridge and trees. After 2 minutes of waiting I could see one move from one tree to the other. That was enough to confirm to myself what the feelings were to start with.


It was all too much for me, so I got back in the van and drove to a different location where I knew was popular for Gold Prospecting back in the day. I drove all the way down to the river and couldn’t find anything of interest, then drove back to the start of the dirt road and found some good ground and evidence of old prospectors, like old bottles and debris’.

As I’m driving there, I saw this Yowie in one leap, cross the road.






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