Location: Broke, New South Wales

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2016

Time: Various

[Female Witness]

Interviewed by Paul Cropper

Interviewed May 2024.




Jacqui: (talking about stone throwing at her property) …I thought there might have been shooters out there and it was just sort of  coming over the creek and they're not realising there was a house there or something, so I went out and had a look after everything stopped. I was standing on the verandah and I was noticing all these larger pebbles… the house actually had marks in it from where the pebbles had hit. The whole verandah was just full of these pebbles which is quite strange because there wasn't any pebbles anywhere nearby… 


Paul: What year was this Jacqui?


Jacqui: It would have been around 2016.


Paul: Was this property close to Broke?


Jacqui: it's about seven kilometres south of Broke. It backs onto the Wattigans (Mountains) so I know there's been plenty of reports up through there.


So that was just one of the times…  we had a really weird thing. We had two puppies and they weren't little puppies…and we come home they were inside because we didn't have proper fences at the time. They were inside and we come home to one of them being deceased and not an ounce of blood anywhere but every bone in its body was broken. You could actually see where it'd been rubbed up against the wall and up to nearly the roof height there was quite a high roof… and then rubbed along the wall and then down again.


Two weeks later the we lost the other pup to a similar thing we actually found it coming down the stairs but, same thing. Not an ounce of blood there was no marks whatsoever on them but every bone in their body broken and the doors were wide open..  There (were) a lot of weird things going on at that house…


One night when I was coming home from work, I'd been picked up by my ex-partner and we're driving home.  We're just getting to the gate and as we were starting to slow down… I could see.. a large yowie maybe 50 meters from the gate standing looking straight back at us.  The light shone on him and then as the light sort of swung in towards our gate he sort of looked the other way, looked back, blinked and then crossed the road. He crossed that road in two steps, just nothing, and then went up into the paddocks across the road and then up into the scrub.


He had the glowing eyes (and) quite a big head. I didn't know what I was looking at the time. I'm not religious or anything like that but I thought I was looking at the devil. It was the only thing I could explain (it) at the time. Later on I've realized that, wait a minute, that's not the devil, that's the yowie.


I got a quite a good look at him and then I had to try and get out and open the gate and go home. I was a bit nervous about that but…a lot of things happened out at that place and then you're sort of thinking, wow that could have been this. There was no other explanation for it.


There was many times there that you heard it… I had horses but they were up the front paddock and you could hear like a big, strong gallop type thing, past the windows and you're like, oh the horses must have got out and you look out and they're all away… 


Paul: Can I ask Jackie was that the only time you saw one of these things?


Jacqui: That's the only time I've actually I actually seen one...


Paul: Was that same time period - 2016?


Jacqui: It was all around the same time period. I'd say they were living there. There was a little waterhole down the back that we used to go swimming… we were looking after someone's dog… quite a large dog and she went to go in the water it was quite deep and she couldn't swim and she went down like a lead balloon so we're all running over to get to her to bring her back up. All of a sudden it was like something threw her out the water straight up in the air and onto the bank. It was most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life…


Paul: Did you ever have stones thrown at the house?


Jacqui: Yeah… there was always an odd rock here and there on the verandah … it actually dented the rendering on the house. It looked like bullets… so they must have hit hard and then to have the stones on the verandah it was really quite strange, because there's no one else around that property. It's a fair distance to the creek itself so I don't know where they've come from… yeah, it was very strange.


Paul: When you were looking at this thing, about what time of the night was that? 


Jacqui: About eight o'clock at night time so it was quite early… but it was dark and this thing was directly in the lights. As soon as we turned you could see it standing there and as we turned to go into the gate the lights ran across it.


Paul: Did your ex-partner see it as well?


Jacqui: No, he didn't see a thing he was looking at the gate. I've seen it quite well and he had no neck, huge shoulders on it.. I estimate maybe seven (or) eight foot because he was standing in the ditch, maybe a little bit larger… just huge shoulders the muscles that run up your neckline.. were huge and a big conical type… so it was a big, big thing. I honestly thought I was looking at something out of this world…


Paul: Did you get a sense that it was that it had hair on it?


Jacqui: … definitely it was… a dark colour whether it was a dark brown or… black. I wouldn't have said jet black…  you know how the horses get a bit of a tinge to it, the orange tinge when they get a bit sun bleached. I would say sort of like a sun bleached black colour.


Paul: When you're looking at this thing did you get a sense you're looking at a human or an animal or..?


Jacqui: It was definitely human type animal… you can't call it an animal at all, yeah.


Paul: Was the hair long or the hair on it was it short?


Jacqui: It was kind of short… it was maybe one to two inches, a bit thinner on the chest and… around the face it was a bit thinner across there as well…


Paul: When you found the rocks on the on the verandah were there a lot?


Jacqui: That first time we actually thought we were getting shot at. There would have been at least 50 rocks on there…


Paul: You were in the house when the when the rocks were coming in?


Jacqui: Yeah -  I was too scared to go out - when we come out the whole verandah was littered with little rocks.


Paul: Did it happen over a minute or was it very quick?


 Jacqui: Probably over half an hour. You could hear the stray ones hitting… I mean I'm a shift worker so I'm probably spending the day inside instead of outside like I normally am and maybe (they) try to get my attention to come out. I don't know…


Paul: Just to go back again to your sighting… when you're looking at the face… did it look like a human face … gorilla face or…monkey face?


Jacqui: It was definitely human.. (it) didn't have the muzzle of a chimpanzee or anything like that it was definitely it was like a human hybrid type  yeah it was definitely human features.


Paul: You mentioned the eyes… was it reflecting or do you think it was glowing?


Jacqui: … as we turned (it) was still glowing so unless it was gathering every piece of light that that car was throwing off. It was an old Hilux so it wasn't really throwing off too much light… I think it's making its own light, maybe, I'm not sure.


Paul: What (were) the colour of the eyes?


Jacqui: they were red definitely red big round red ones. I've seen those eyes before… when I was a kid  we were staying with family friends up in Cairns and it was a fairly new house  but it backed on to a bit of a rainforest… I was sleeping on the couch… then I woke to the tv remote control. It flew off the tv and smashed on the ground. I'm like oh someone must be up… but as I went to look up there was actually something in the lounge room with me… all I could see was a shadow but it was looking straight at me and the same thing it had those big red eyes but this one was strange this one actually walked straight past me and as it's looking at me but blinking at the same time and walked past my head but it went through the wall at the front of the house.  I was absolutely petrified.


Paul: how old how old would you have been then


Jacqui:  I would have been  14.


Paul: Now that's you know it is interesting you had all these experiences but yeah we we hear similar things… thanks for sharing Jackie (its) fantastic that you were open enough to have a conversation and …really interesting.








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